Odiyan Box Office Collection, Hit Or Flop



Odiyan Box Office Collection

Odiyan movie hasn’t got a great response from the audience and this might affect its Total Box Office collections. The movie has got some amazing action scenes and unique story but lacks in direction. With over 3000 it is expected to do in the first day and rest of the days are unexpected. Here you will find Day wise Box Office Collection for Odiyan.

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Odiyan Worldwide Box Office Collection

Odiyan Day Wise CollectionCollection
Odiyan 1st Day BOC16 Cr
Odiyan 2nd Day Box Office Collections8.6 Cr
Odiyan 3rd Day Box Office Collection14.08 Cr
Odiyan 4th Day Box Office Updates8.32 Cr
Odiyan 5th Day Collection5.76 Cr
Odiyan 6th Day Collection4.48 Cr
7th Day Collection2.05 Cr
8th Day Collection1.15 Cr
9th Day Collection0.76 Cr
10th Day Collection0.64 Cr
Total Collection98 Cr

Odiyan Kerala Box Office Collection

Odiyan Day Wise CollectionCollection
Odiyan 1st Day Collection7.22 Cr
Odiyan 2nd Day Collection8.50 Cr
Odiyan 3rd Day Collection7.30 Cr
Odiyan 4th Day Collection3.0 Cr
Odiyan 5th Day Collection2.3 Cr
Odiyan 6th Day Collection1.41 Cr
7th Day Collection0.76 Cr
8th Day Collection0.30 Cr
9th Day Collection0.28 Cr
10th Day Collection0.23 Cr
Total Collection31.6 Cr

Odiyan Tamil Nadu Box Office Collection

Odiyan Day Wise CollectionCollection
Odiyan 1st Day Collection1.80 Cr
Odiyan 2nd Day Collection1.50 Cr
Odiyan 3rd Day Collection1.65 Cr
Odiyan 4th Day Collection0.90 Cr
Odiyan 5th Day Collection0.52 Cr
Odiyan 6th Day Collection0.33 Cr
7th Day Collection0.15 Cr
8th Day Collection0.08 Cr
9th Day Collection0.06 Cr
10th Day Collection0.04 Cr
Total Collection7.12 Cr

Odiyan Hit Or Flop

  • Odiyan is one of the Biggest Hit for Mohanlal. This movie was made with a budget of 50 Cr.
  • By 1st Week, the movie collected more than 50 Cr. Odiyan Box Office Updates till now is above 90 Cr.
  • Considering our Prediction, Odiyan did cross 50 Cr by the 1st Week and above 100 Cr till now.
  • Odiyan BOC to Budget ratio is 1.8, which is considered to be a Hit movie as per Movie-Rater HOFS (Hit or Flop Scale)

What is Movie-Rater HOFS?

Check below our scientific approach to measure if Odiyan is a Hit Or Flop movie.

  • 1.3< Flop
  • 1.3- 1.8 Average
  • 1.8 – 2.5 – Hit

Odiyan Screen Count

The movie has already made a record by being the first Malayalam movie to release in over 3000 Screen worldwide. According to the sources, Odiyan has already crossed 100 Cr pre-booking amount worldwide.

The Screen Count clearly indicates that Odiyan will make a good collection. According to the rumours, the movie will create history in Malayalam movie Box Office collection history.

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