Top-5 Comedy Films Turned Into Slot Games

Top-5 Comedy Films Turned Into Slot Games
Top-5 Comedy Films Turned Into Slot Games

Getting a much-needed comic relief is no longer about watching sitcoms or buying a ticket to a Broadway concert. Adaptation of films to create exciting casino games is the newfound way of relieving stress. You only need your smartphone or PC to have a good laugh and even earn. The trend is getting the most of game creators as they seek to outdo each other in the iGaming industry. Thus, if you fancy playing thematic slot machines, taking a break from classic games for something that cracks your ribs is worth a go. In retrospect, the days of juicy fruits and lucky numbers are fast-fading, and a new era of trendy and comical slots is dawning.

Moreover, because comedy films have always grossed more than other genres in Box Office, turning a few productions into online slots is a smart money move. From storylines, props to characters-turned into slot machine symbols, this post explores comedy films-inspired slot machines. This recent Spin247 review by CasinoHEX should help you register with one of the best gaming websites.

The Best Handpicked Comedy-Themed Slots 

There are tens of comedy-themed online slots out there. However, not every game plan is exciting. Thus, to avoid wasting your precious time on boring games, here is a quick review of the top five slots that will turn your game time into comic relief.


Ted is a comedy-themed movie that blends family life, adulthood, and childhood. Because of its popularity, viewers have had a chance to enjoy several Ted sequels. However, the movie did not end on silver screens.

Adaptation of the film by Blueprint Gaming to create a comedy-themed slot has awaked treasured memories about Ted characters and storyline. Given the prowess of Blueprint Gaming in game development, the Ted slot is notwithstanding popular among online gambling communities. An RTP of 95.81% is worth reliving old memories as you play your way to a lucrative 500 coins per spin. Other inter game features such as thunder buddies, Ted big money bonus, and beer shuffles make the game even more rewarding.

 The Goonies 

The Goonies is a 1980s film that elicits immeasurable nostalgia. Adaptation of the Spielberg production into a slot machine game meets the expectations of gamblers who love a great game plan. Also produced by Blueprint Gaming, the Goonies slot is a treasure hunt game that will leave you gasping for breath. Bonus features such as Farrell’s hideout awakens comic drama for which the movie is known. Play, get free spins, and earn your way to winning a huge progressive jackpot on offer. The Goonies is a 5-reel slot game with twenty pay lines.


Beetlejuice is a 1988 film production that combined comedy with horror. The movie became a big sensation among kids, thanks to a plot twist that got viewers on the edge of their seats. Adaptation of Beetlejuice into casino slot game has nonetheless been phenomenal.

For gamblers, a game like Beetlejuice does not only give one a chance to win a big reward but also good for comic relief. If you get lucky on the five reels, playing with 248,832 pay lines, winning the jackpot is no mean feat. In the Beetlejuice movie, Betelgeuse takes up the role of a bio-exorcist who helps a man and his wife drive away bad luck from their home. In the game, playing with the Betelgeuse symbol triggers a free spin bonus. A lucky spin further triggers a game multiplier.

Count Duckula

If you were growing up in the mid-1980s and 1990s, you must have enjoyed watching Count Duckula. The comedy-horror film was popular among kids who loved watching animations. Watching the movie was mostly a testy recipe for a good laugh, even for adults. Today, Count Duckula ranks highly among well-paying slots inspired by comedy films. With an RTP of 93.35, a spin wins you x500 coins on the 5-reel, 20-reel slot machine game. Notably, most of the game’s features are from the film’s cast and props. For example, Duckula wilds, Wild of Fame bonus, and Igor Mystery position triggers a nostalgic gaming experience.

Sausage Party

You can always take a  break from Hollywood-themed slots and try your luck on the comedy inspired games. Because of its filthy humor, Sausage Party film was never ideal for kids. The movie epitomizes the use of satire and brings famous comic voices to life. The slot game version of Sausage Party by Blueprint Gaming and is notwithstanding interesting. The game plan starts from a supermarket aisle and takes you through rewarding bonus features and wild symbols. Play with a minimum of 0.10 or a maximum of 200 coins and win up to x500 coins payout. Sausage Party slot has an RTP of 95.95%.


Thematic slots have become commonplace. Most importantly, games that will make you laugh yet pay well are worth the gamble. Slots machine games based on comedy films are often well-received by online gambling communities because most of them have an RTP of 95.00% or more. Thus, as you figure out your next online slot, downloading Varun Dhawan’s latest comedy movie will fill up your bucket list of must-watch films in December.

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