Zero Box Office Collection, Hit Or Flop


Zero Box Office Collection

Zero is a most awaited Bollywood Movies in 2018. The team will be predicting that the movie will gross 500 Cr mark as we have some great actors involved in this movie. Zero Movie Box Office Collection for the first day is expected high and Salman’s appearance in the movie will help boost the movie. Expectations are very high, but it is still a question that can it cross 2.0 Box Office Collection?

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Shahrukh Zero Box Office Collections

Zero is one of Shahrukh Khan’s movie that did not do that great in the Box Office. The overall collection for Zero is around 185 Cr, which is considered as a flop for Shahrukh Khans movie. Here we are going to see Zero Box Office Collection as per region.

Zero Worldwide Box Office Collection

Zero Day Wise CollectionCollection
Zero 1st Day Box Office Collection35 Cr
Zero 2nd Day Box Office Collection28 Cr
Zero 3rd Day Box Office Collection25 Cr
Zero 4th Day Box Office Collection18 Cr
Zero 5th Day Box Office Collection22 Cr
Zero 6th Day Collection15 Cr
7th Day Collection11 Cr
8th Day Collection6 Cr
9th Day Collection4 Cr
10th Day Collection3 Cr
Total Collection185 Cr

Zero Hindi Box Office Collection

Here you will find Zero Hindi Box office collection Day wise and its Bollywood Box Office Collection.

Zero Day Wise CollectionCollection
Zero 1st Day Collection20.14 Cr
Zero 2nd Day Collection18.22 Cr
Zero 3rd Day Collection20.71 Cr
Zero 4th Day Collection9.50 Cr
Zero 5th Day Collection12.75 Cr
Zero 6th Day Collection4.80 Cr
7th Day Collection4.25 Cr
8th Day Collection1 Cr
9th Day Collection1 Cr
10th Day Collection1.40 Cr
Total Collection100.97 Cr

Zero AP & TS Box Office Collection

Zero Day Wise CollectionCollection
Zero 1st Day Collection0.30 Cr
Zero 2nd Day Collection0.20 Cr
Zero 3rd Day Collection0.25 Cr
Zero 4th Day Collection0.22 Cr
Zero 5th Day Collection0.38 Cr
Zero 6th Day Collection0.28 Cr
7th Day Collection0.15 Cr
8th Day Collection0.08 Cr
9th Day Collection0.06 Cr
10th Day Collection0.03 Cr
Total Collection2.09 Cr

Zero Tamil Nadu Box Office Collection

Zero Day Wise CollectionCollection
Zero 1st Day Collection0.20 Cr
Zero 2nd Day Collection0.18 Cr
Zero 3rd Day Collection0.20 Cr
Zero 4th Day Collection0.19 Cr
Zero 5th Day Collection0.28 Cr
Zero 6th Day Collection0.20 Cr
7th Day Collection0.12 Cr
8th Day Collection0.05 Cr
9th Day Collection0.04 Cr
10th Day Collection0.02 Cr
Total Collection1.61 Cr


Zero Hit Or Flop?

  • Zero is one of the biggest Flop for Shahrukh Khan. This movie was made with a budget of 200 Cr.
  • By 1st Week, the movie collected more than 150 Cr. Zero Box Office Collection till now is above 180 Cr.
  • Considering our Prediction, Zero did cross 150 Cr by the 1st Week and above 300 Cr till now.
  • Zero Box Office Collection to Budget ratio is 0.9, which is considered to be a Flop movie as per Movie-Rater HOFS (Hit or Flop Scale)

What is Movie-Rater HOFS?

Check below our scientific approach to measure if Zero is a Hit Or Flop movie.

  • 1.3< Flop
  • 1.3- 1.8 Average
  • 1.8 – 2.5 – Hit
  • >2.5 – Super Hit
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