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Yekantanga song is from 2006 Telugu Language Movie Ashok. Ashok movie is directed bySurender Reddy. Although there are many other important performances by other actors in this movie, NTR Jr., Sameera Reddy have played the main lead roles. Important Contributors behind this popular song include: Music Director Mani Sharma, Lyricist Chandra Bose, and the lead singer(s) Karunya

Song Details:

Movie Name:Ashok
Song Title:Yekantanga
Movie Director:Surender Reddy
Music Director:Mani Sharma
Lyrics By:Chandra Bose


Yekantanga Video Song from the Movie Ashok

Yekantanga Video Song from the Movie Ashok is well received by the audience. The Video Song has reached more than 804K views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

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Yekantanga Song Lyrics in English

Yekanthamga vunna.endhari madhyana vunna.
Neekai nenu alochisthunna.
Ye pani chesthoo vunna.yetu payanisthoo vunna.
Ninne nenu araadhisthunna.
Ennenno kallu naa vaipe choosthoo vunna.
Niluvella kallai nee kosam choosthoo vunna.
Ennenno pedhavula palukulu vinipisthunna.
Nee pedhavula pilupula kosam padichasthunna.
Naa thanuvanthaa manasai vunna.
Yekaanthamga vunnaa.endhari madhyana vunna.
Raayani lekhalu enno.naa arachethullo.
Inkaa cheppani yadha gonthullo.
Kuravani chinukulu enno.pedhavula meghamlo.
Inkaa thiragani malupulu enno.jatha padu maargamlo.
Manasaina aakarshanalo.munakesthunna.
Priyamaina sangharshanalo pulakisthunna.
Naa vayasanthaa valapai vunna.
Spandana nenai hrudhayam lona.
Challani laalana nenai vunta.nee alasata lona.
Archana nenai vodi gudi lonaa.
Samrakshana nenai vuntaa.vodidhudukullona.
Nee jeevana nadhilo ponge neeravuthunna.
Santhosham vupponge kanneeravuthunna.
Satha janmaala premavuthunnaa.

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