Wanted Full Movie Download – 2012 Telugu

Wanted Full Movie Download

Wanted is a 2012 Telugu Action Movie written and directed by B.V.S.Ravi and Produced by Ananda Prasad. Starring Gopichand and Deeksha Seth in lead roles while Prakash Raj, Nassar, and Chandra Mohan in a supporting role. Below you will find the details of the Wanted Full Movie Download.

Cast & Crew
GopichandRam Babu
Deeksha SethNandini
Prakash RajBasava Reddy
Chandra MohanRam Babu
Ahuti PrasadCommissioner

Wanted Story :

1st Half

The movie is all about Ram Babu who is the only son of Ram Babu & Janaki, who already are wealthy and have so much for their son to lead a happy life. Ram Babu is a guy with no work other than roaming on roads with his gang. Suddenly, he meets Nandini who is a House Surgeon As a doctor she saves the life of Janaki when she had a severe heart attack. From that moment, Ram Babu falls in love with Nandini to chase her everywhere and make her accept his love but she never accepts.

After that Ram Babu beats up the local goons for teasing Nandini and asks her what else he can do in order to win her love. Nandini asks him to kill local drug don Basava Reddy and his family members to win her heart.

2nd Half

Commissioner reveals Nandhini’s flashback story as she is the daughter of an undercover cop Raghunath and. Here it goes, Nandini is the daughter of an undercover cop Raghunath and along with Raghunath, her entire family was killed by Basava Reddy. That’s the reason she asks Ram Babu to kill Basava Reddy. She is on revenge taking process using Ram Babu as her weapon.


In the End, Ram Babu finishes the task of Nandini Unknowingly, and Finally, Nandini starts to develop a bond of love in this process story ends.

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