Vehicles Guide of Free Fire

Vehicles Guide of Free Fire

Garena Free Fire:

“Garena Free Fire” can meet your needs if you’re looking for an entertaining battle royale game with interesting gameplay. “111 dot studios” was in charge of the game’s development. Free Fire was released internationally on September 30, 2017. The game was released for iOS and Android by “Garena.” The game is played from the perspective of a third-person character. The game is very similar to PUBG and Call of Duty: Mobile.

The game has single, duo, and squad play modes. The game begins with 50 players. In the game, you can choose from a variety of characters to utilize. Some characters are already available, while others require in-game currency to unlock. The basic objective of the game is to make it to the end. The match is won by the solitary survivor or surviving team.

Player IDs: 

The player id of the players keeps getting with the time. Every time a player wins a game, the credentials of the id get better. Online accounts of the game are available online. One of the most reliable sources to buy Free Fire player accounts is from other more experienced players. Check out Free Fire accounts for sale offers.

Vehicles in Free Fire:

Vehicles are important in BR games because they give players the mobility they need to escape hazardous zones and relocate to safer areas on the battlefield. As a result, below we will be examining some vehicles in Garena Free Fire.

Pickup Truck:

The pickup truck is a versatile and unique vehicle used in the game. Besides its multipurpose use, it operates at a higher speed. According to some observations, it hits 156km/h at max speed. A minimum of 2 people has to sit in the car. It is indeed a decent choice.

Monster Truck:

When it comes to speed, a monster truck makes certain concessions. It is, however, a fantastic choice for uneven surfaces on the map. It seats four passengers and has a max speed of 112 km/h. It is a good choice if it is used for its main purpose.

Sports Car:

With a max speed of 136 km/h and a capacity of two persons, the sports car is regarded as the best vehicle in the game. This vehicle is also extremely sturdy, allowing it to go more quickly and safely during matches. Being close to ground level helps to take turns quickly.


A jeep is a large vehicle that can be used to go across the map safely. It can endure a lot of punishment and can also be utilized as a cover during battles. It helps when the player or team is surrounded by the enemy. It also kills the enemy instantly by running over.

So these were the cars used in the game. As mentioned, the sports car is considered the best because of its design. The sports car is a mixture of both speed and utility.

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