Veera Full Movie Download-2011 Telugu

Veera Full Movie Download

Veera is a 2011 Telugu Movie written and directed by Ramesh Varma, while Ganesh Indukuri produced this movie under Sanvi Productions. It features Ravi Teja, Kajal Aggarwal and Taapsee Pannu in the lead roles, while Shaam, Sridevi Vijayakumar, Pradeep Rawat, Nassar play supporting roles. Veera Movie makers also hired Thaman for music composing, Chota K. Naidu for Cinematography, and Marthand K. Venkatesh for editing this movie. Below in this article, you will find Veera Full Movie Download.

Cast & Crew
Ravi TejaVeera
ShaamShyam Sundar
Kajal AggarwalChitti
Sridevi VijayakumarSatya
Taapsee PannuAiki
Pradeep RawatPedda Rayudu
NassarVeera’s father
Paruchuri Venkateswara RaoShyam’s father
SudhaShyam’s mother
Telangana ShakuntalaChitti’s grandmother

Veera Full Movie Download

  1. Shyam Sundar is an honest ACP who comes into conflict with the local don, Dhanraj. The goons kill Shyam’s son, Moksha, and Shyam does not reveal this to his family but fears the villains may kill his daughter also.
  2. Dhanraj threatens Shyam’s family so the police department arranges for an officer to provide security for them. Deva arrives and saves Shyam from Dhanraj’s men and introduces himself as the security officer.
  3. Shyam’s family still believes that their son is in the boarding school and waits for his call a Sunday, but instead, they are told their son went on an excursion.
  4. Shyam gets tensed and reveals everything to Deva. When he goes to drop Anjali to school with Tiger with whom he shares his room, on their way he met Aiki, who falls for him.
  5. Shyaam’s wife Sathya dislikes Deva and doesn’t want him involved with her family while Aiki falls in love with him. Shyaam learns that Deva is not the security officer appointed by the police department.
  6. It is revealed that Deva is Veera, a person who is like God to the whole village, he actually kills security officer Deva and replaces him.
  7. Sathya is his step sister. In the pre-interval scene, Dhanraj comes to kill Shyam and his family, and Veera bashes them badly and protects his sister’s family.
  8. But, suddenly there appears a mystery man who introduces thyself as a great enemy of Veera and shoots him. Veera loses his consciousness.
  9. A police officer sends Veera to Shyam’s family. After the interval, the flashback begins. Veera was a powerful and kind-hearted landlord of a village.
  10. Every villager loved him very much. He lived with his younger brother, friends and a beautiful wife Chitti. But there is another landlord Peddarayudu who wants to vacate the whole village to build a factory.
  11. But, Veera opposes him. Pedda tries to torture on the villagers, and Veera beats him badly. Veera’s younger brother marries the daughter of the officer who is the one who later sends Veera to Shyam’s family.
  12. In that shame, the wife of Pedda suicides. Pedda becomes angry and kills the whole family of Veera, including his wife Chitti, when Veera is not present.
  13. Knowing this, Veera kills all of Pedda’s henchmen. Pedda was supposed to die in an explosion, but he survives. Veera doesn’t know that Pedda survived.
  14. Sathya blames Veera for the death of their family. That’s why Sathya disliked Veera. Later, Veera comes to the city to save his step-sister’s family.
  15. The flashback episode ends. Then the climax starts. Pedda challenges Veera and after a long fight between the two, Veera kills Pedda and takes his revenge. Then Aiki proposes to Veera and he agrees. And, he unites with his sister happily.

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