Varudu Full Movie Download – 2010 Telugu

Varudu Full Movie Download

Varudu is a 2010 Telugu Movie written and directed by Gunasekhar, while DVV Danayya produced this movie under his own production company. It futures Allu Arjun, Arya, Bhanu Sri Mehra in lead roles while Suhasini Mani Ratnam, Ashish Vidyarthi, Naresh, Vinaya Prasad in pivotal roles. Varudu Movie makers hired Mani Sharma for music composing,  R. D. Rajasekhar for Cinematography, and  Anthony for editing this movie. Below in this article, you will find the details about Varudu Full Movie Download and also know where to watch Varudu Full Movie Online.

Cast & Crew
Allu ArjunSandeep
Bhanu Sri MehraDeepthi
Suhasini Mani RatnamVasundhara
Ashish VidyarthiRaj Gopal
NareshDeepthi’s father
Vinaya PrasadDeepthi’s mother
NassarAhmed Khan
BrahmanandamDilip Raja
Sayaji ShindeHome Minister

Varudu Full Movie Download

  1. Sandeep ‘Sandy’ is a next-gen youngster who parties hard and has a modern outlook, but his ideas towards marriage are traditional.
  2. As he gets a job in the USA, his parents Vasundhara and Raj Gopal, who got married against their respective parents’ wishes, ask him to get married.
  3. He accepts and tells them that he will marry a girl of their choice in a ceremony that lasts five days. He also refuses to see his bride until the marriage.
  4. Everything is arranged according to his wishes, and his marriage is fixed with Deepthi. At the ceremony, when Sandy and Deepthi see each other, they fall in love at first sight.
  5. Deepthi gets kidnapped by a local goon Diwakar. Sandy’s family tries to convince him of another marriage, but he refuses and tries to find his bride.
  6. He gets to know Deepthi’s whereabouts. Diwakar kidnapped Deepthi to take revenge on her as she slapped him for misbehaving with her in public.
  7. The police get killed by Diwakar and his men. Sandy takes the law into his hands and kidnaps Diwakar’s brother and gets his bride. In a scuffle, he challenges the villain for a fight on his marriage day, to which he agrees.
  8. Sandy and Deepthi get married successfully, this time with all the rituals. When they step out of the mandap, Diwakar attacks Sandy.
  9. A fight happens in which Sandy overcomes Diwakar and kills him. Sandy and Deepthi then live happily ever after.

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