Top 8 Highest IMDb Rated Indian Movies

Top 8 Highest IMDb Rated Indian Movies: Indian movies are much beloved in and outside of India. Ever since Bollywood started its production, Indian movies have not lacked attention and recognition coming from audiences all around the world. Indian movies are praised not only for the way they manage to gather and engage a wide audience for a long time but also for their amazing musicality. If you are a blogger wanting to reach out to a wide audience of newbie Bollywood movie or music lovers or this is for your own personal gain we have made the list of top movies to watch.

Top 8 Highest IMDb Rated Indian Movies
Top 8 Highest IMDb Rated Indian Movies

1. Nayakan

IMDb: 8.5

Duration: 145 min

Genre: Drama, Musical

Director: Mani Ratnam

Screenplay: Balakumaran

Nayakan plot: A young man living in Tamilnadu witnessed his father being killed in cold blood by a police officer. The man who wants to avenge his father follows the police and kills him. Directed by Mani Ratnam, the film features names such as Kamal Haasan, Saranya Ponvannan, Delhi Ganesh, and Janagaraj.

2. Anbe Sivam

IMDb: 8.5

Duration: 160min

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Screenplay: Kamal Hassan, Madan

Director: Sundar C.

Production: 2003 – India

Anbe Sivam plot: Anbe Sivam is about the changing lives of Anbarasu, an advertising director, and Nallasivam, a communist trade unionist.

3. 96

IMDb: 8.4

Duration: 158 min

Genre: Romance

Director: Prem Kumar

Screenplay: Prem Kumar

Production: 2018 – India

96 plot: This film is about the love story between K. Ramachandran and Janu, who graduated from High School in 96, getting together after 20 years, and the journey they made honoring their memories together, albeit for one night.

4. Raatchasan

IMDb: 8.4

Duration: 170 min

Genre: Action, crime, thriller

Director: Ram Kumar

Screenplay: Ram Kumar

Production: 5 October 2018 UK

Raatchasan plot: Assistant investigator is a series that targets young schoolgirls and pursues a mysterious serial killer who brutally murdered them.

5. Visaaranai

IMDb: 8.4

Duration: 106 min

Genre: Drama

Director: Vetri Maaran

Screenplay: Vetri Maaran

Production: 2015 – India

Visaaranai plot: In addition to the criticism of the distorted justice system, the lives that disappeared in the dirty games that revolve within the system were revealed in a rather striking form. This production, inspired by real-life stories, will feel very familiar to those who love static movies.

6.Pariyerum Perumal

IMDb: 8.5

Duration: 154min

Genre: Drama

Director: Mari Selvaraj

Screenplay: Mari Selvaraj

Production: 2018 – India

Pariyerum Perumal plot: A man in love with his classmate, who has a highly respected family, is despised and mistreated by the men in his family for the intimacy he has established with his lover.

7. A Peck on the Cheek

IMDb: 8.3

Duration: 123 min

Genre: Drama, War

Director: Mani Ratnam

Screenplay: Mani Ratnam

Production: 2002 – India

A Peck on the Cheek plot: It is said that a little girl was adopted by her parents. This girl makes the decision to find her real mother. She does her best to go to Sri Lanka, where his mother works with a group of militant activists.

8. Asuran

IMDb: 8.3

Duration: 141 min

Genre: Action, drama

Director: Vetrimaaran

Screenplay: M.S. Manimaran, Vetrimaaran

Production: 2020 – India

Asuran plot: Asuran is the story of Sivasaamy, a father who has left his violent past behind and lives a quiet life with his wife and three children, engaged in farming on a small piece of land he owns. The family, which belongs to the lower class, escapes after some events involving their young son killing a rich man from the upper caste. In order to save his family, Sivasaamy has to return to the world he lived in his past.

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