Tamil Movies 1st Week Box Office Collection 2019


Like every other Industry, tamil Movies in India has grown huge and movies like 2.0 take it to next level. Tamil movie Industry has grown so big that we see a lot of new movies every week and within a week we can decide which movie will be a blockbuster hit. Here we are going to see all the Tamil Movies Releasing in 2019 and Tamil Movies 1st Week Box Office Collection.

Tamil Movies 1st Week Box Office Collection

Petta 1st Week Box Office Collection

As expected, Petta did not do that great in its total Box office collection. It was expected that the movie will cross a 250 Cr mark on its 1st Week but did not get a good response from the North part of India. On its 1st Day, Petta grosses around 19 Cr, where the major collection happen in Tamil Nadu. Considering just one state giving the major collection, Petta 1st Week Box Office Collection is decent and is about 107.50 Cr.

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Petta Daily Box Office CollectionCollection (Cr)
Petta 1st Day box office Collection19.00
Petta Box Office Collection 2nd Day16.10
3rd Day Petta Box office Collection18.00
Petta 4th Day Box office Collection19.50
Petta Box Office Collection Day 510.50
Petta 6th Day Box Office Collection11.30
Petta Box Office Collection 7th Day13.20
Petta Box Office Collection 1st Week107.50


Visawasam 1st Week Box Office Collections

Viswasam has done really great in the Box Office and this movie was loved by everyone. This is the first single language movie to gross 100 Cr in just an Eight Days form single state and takes a clear win over Petta. Viswasam 1st Week Box Office Collection is 130.70 Cr.

Viswasam Daily box office CollectionCollection (Cr)
Viswasam 1st Day box office Collection23.70
Viswasam 2nd Day box office Collection20.20
3rd Day Viswasam box office Collection21.80
Viswasam Box office Collection, 4th Day25.60
Viswasam Box Office Collection, 5th Day12.20
Viswasam Box Office Collection, 6th Day13.40
Viswasam Box Office Collection, 7th Day13.80
Viswasam 1st Week Box Office Collection130.70
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