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Sri Ramadasu is a 2004 Telugu Language Movie directed by K. Raghavendra RaoSri Rama Rama Ramethisong from this Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Akkineni Nagarjuna, Sneha starrer Sri Ramadasu, is composed by the music director M. M. KeeravaniTraditional has provided the Lyrics for this song: Sri Rama Rama Ramethi, while M. M. Keeravani have provided the voice.

Song Details:

  • Movie Name: Sri Ramadasu
  • Song Title: Sri Rama Rama Ramethi
  • Movie Director: K. Raghavendra Rao
  • Music Director: M. M. Keeravani
  • Singers: M. M. Keeravani
  • Lyricist: Traditional
  • Movie Language: Telugu

Sri Rama Rama Ramethi Video Song from the Movie Sri Ramadasu

Sri Rama Rama Ramethi Video Song from the Movie Sri Ramadasu is well received by the Audience. The Video Song has reached more than 160k views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

Aditya Movie is the original owner of this Video Song, hence copying this Video song in any form is considered as a Copy Right Violation as per YouTube, Indian and American Copy Right Laws.

Sri Rama Rama Ramethi Song Lyrics in English

Om sreeraama rama ramethi
Sreeraama rama ramethi

Rame rame manorame
Rame rame manorame

Sahastranama tatthulyam
Sahastranama tatthulyam

Ramanaama varaanane
Ramanaama varaanane


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