Shakti Full Movie Download-2011 Telugu

Shakti Full Movie Download

Shakti is a 2011 Telugu Movie written and directed by  Meher Ramesh, while C. Ashwini Dutt produced this movie under Vyjayanthi Movies. It futures Ileana D’Cruz, Jr. NTR in lead roles, while Manjari Phadnis, Prabhu, Jackie Shroff, Vinod Kumar, S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Pooja Bedi in supporting roles. Shakti Movie makers also hired Mani Sharma for music composing,  Sameer Reddy for Cinematography, and Marthand K. Venkatesh for editing this movie. Below in this article, you will find Shakti Full Movie Download

Cast & Crew
Jr. NTRShakti Swaroop
Ileana D’CruzAishwarya Mahadevaraya
Manjari PhadnisRudra’s wife
PrabhuCentral Minister Mahadevaraya
Jackie ShroffJanaki Varma
Vinod KumarPrachanda
S. P. BalasubrahmanyamVijayaraya
Pooja BediFaqtooni
Sonu SoodMukthar

Shakti Full Movie Download

  1. Aishwarya is the daughter of central union home minister Mahadevraya. Due to security reasons, he doesn’t allow his daughter to go on a trip with friends.
  2. She nonetheless goes on the trip. She then meets a guide, Shakti, who takes the group on a trip to several places. At first, she hates him because he uses every chance to get money from her.
  3. But when he saves her, she starts liking him. Afterward, a few people who are chasing her finally find her in Haridwar and try to kill Shakti as he hurt them earlier.
  4. Their plan fails as Shakti turns out to be a Secret Agent and defends himself and catches the main person in this plan. When Aishwarya goes back to her father, he forgives her and asks whether she had taken a box in which there is a holy stone.
  5. When she replies in the negative, he says that it is more important than his own daughter. Later, when Shakti goes to a temple, the box falls off a basket his mother brought with flowers on top of it.
  6. They inform Mahadevaya who asks them to immediately come to Hampi with the box and Aishwarya. Their travel is blocked by a strong man named Raakha who is the elder son of an Egyptian enemy Faqtooni who is then defeated by Shakti.
  7. He then kills the younger son Bashim who tries to grab the box. Then Mahadevaraya and a Swami come to him and then the flashback is revealed.
  8. It is said that Mahadevaraya’a father Vijayraya was a royal king who was extremely generous and had the blessings of God which gave him the power that whenever he touched the stone, it used to shine brightly emitting light.
  9. He reveals that apart from the 18 Shakti Peeths there is a secret one which protects India and only their family knows of it. There is also a protector who guards it at all times.
  10. His name was Rudra. After every 27 years, they must go to the Shakti Peeth where the protector will perform several spiritual rites which must be compulsorily performed.
  11. When he starts performing them, an Egyptian king Mukhtar who knows of this comes to destroy the Shakti Peeth. The protector beheads the king but a person who works under the Mahadevaraya’s father, Janaki Varma cheats him and kills the protector along with Vijayraya and his wife as he sought money from the king.
  12. He also steals a trident which is necessary for entry into the Shakti Peeth. When the protector is killed, his wife, at the same time, delivers a baby boy whom Rudra gives to his loyal servant.
  13. The servant tries his best to save the boy but circumstances force him to throw the boy into the river. The boy is then found by a childless couple who adopt him. After finding out his past, he sets out for revenge.
  14. Shakti then goes to Janaki’s country where he is presently the underworld don and a multimillionaire. He kills Janaki and gets the trident.
  15. Finally, he goes to perform the rites but Shakti was shot unconscious and Aishwarya’s family was stopped by Faqtooni and her powerful son Raakha who comes back and cannot be defeated.
  16. Shakti, however, comes back to perform the rites. After performing the rites, the Swami then tells him that the strong man can only be defeated by damaging the eyes. Shakti then finally kills him.

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