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Roju Roju Ninne song is from 2010 Telugu Language Movie Andari Bandhuvaya made under the direction ofChandra Siddhartha. As far as the acting crew is concerned, Sharwanand, Padma Priya have played the main lead roles in this movie. People behind this popular song include: Music Director Anoop Rubens, LyricistChaitanya Prasad, and the lead singer(s) Deepthi Madhuri, Anup Rubens, Sravani

Song Details:

Movie Name:Andari Bandhuvaya
Song Title:Roju Roju Ninne
Movie Director:Chandra Siddhartha
Music Director:Anoop Rubens
Singer(s):Deepthi Madhuri, Anup Rubens, Sravani
Lyrics By:Chaitanya Prasad


Roju Roju Ninne Video Song from the Movie Andari Bandhuvaya

Roju Roju Ninne Video Song from the Movie Andari Bandhuvaya is well received by the audience. The Video Song has reached more than 4K views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

iDream Telugu Movies is the original owner of this Video Song, hence copying this Video song in any form is considered as a Copyright Violation as per YouTube, Indian and American Copyright Laws.

Roju Roju Ninne Song Lyrics in English

Roju roju ninne chusthu.. tannana naana..
Aa raju rani bomme geesthu.. tannana naana..
Oohallone ooregisthu..tannana naana…
aa choopulthone aaradhisthu.. tannana naana..
aa gundellone aashe daasthu..
nee talapullone jeevinchesthu..
o murise aanandaale virise.. muthyaale kurise nee buggana chukkai ponaa…
||Roju Roju.. ||

Nee ollu harivillu.. nee navvu virijallu
Nee parugu varadallu.. kaavali naaku
nee gunde chappudlu.. Kowgilla sandadlu
nee pedavi engillu.. kavali naaku
nuvvu palike palike kammani paluku.. kaavali naaku
nuvvu piliche piliche challani pilupu.. kavali naaku
nuvvu aaratamga kalipe cheyi kavali naaku
neetho kalisi bathike haayi kavali naaku..
||Roju Roju.. ||

ho.. neeloni ishtaalu neethoti kashtaalu neevalla nashtallu kaavali naaku..
neeloni lopaalu nee kopa taapaalu.. nee veyyi roppaalu kaavali naaku…
nuvvicche enno santhoshaalu kaavali naaku..
nee mounam pampe sandeshaalu kavaali naaku..
gaaram neram theepi chedhu kavaali naaku..
kanneraina parvaledhu kavaali naaku..uu…
aa neetho chese saavaasaalu kavaali naaku..
santhoshaalu sallapaalu kaavali neeku…
nuvve thitte theeyani thitlu kavaali naaku..
aa neetho patte aa siga patlu kavaali neeku..
ne neetho ekke nicchena metlu..ha ha haa ha..
nuvvu napai pette theerani Otlu.. ha ha ha haa ha..
nuvvu kudhire.. kudhire.. andaalanni adhire.. pranayaalu mudhire..
ne neeke sontham kaana.. aa..aa…

na nana naa nana.. naa nana na nana naa nana na naana nanana na..
tannana naa na..

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