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Yuvaraju is a 2000 Telugu Language Movie directed by Y. V. S Chowdary. Rama Chilaka song from this Mahesh Babu, Simran starrer Yuvaraju, is composed by the music director Ramana Gogula. Veturi has provided the Lyrics for this song: Rama Chilaka, while Ramana Gogula & Chorus have provided the voice.

Song Details:

Movie Name:Yuvaraju
Song Title:Rama Chilaka
Movie Director:Y. V. S Chowdary
Music Director:Ramana Gogula
Singer(s):Ramana Gogula & Chorus
Lyrics By:Veturi


Rama Chilaka Video Song from the Movie Yuvaraju

Rama Chilaka Video Song from the Movie Yuvaraju is well received by the Audience. The Video Song has reached more than 129K views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

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Rama Chilaka Song Lyrics in English

Rama chilaka he rama chilaka
Rama chilakaa ni nadaka chusi gunde jaaripoye lalanaa
Vayyaari bhaamma ni nadumu chosi vollanta vedekke madana
Tappu maadi kaade pilla tight jeans veste
Aa hakku maaku unde nuvve haddu daati pote
Whats up hey whats up
Whats he doing
Check it out
I say check it out
Call me prince
Call me prince
He middy lo nuvvoste tongi tongi choostaa
Style gaa frock vesi nuvvoste paina cheyyi
Vestaa pikka nunupu chooste maaku tikkaregipoye
Ush kanne pilla nito daash daash
Soku dopidile inka yeka peekude le
Timmirekkipote pilla dummu duluputaale
Whats up hey whats up
Call me prince
O paapaa iropaa map laanti vipu
O baalaa cubala vundi naaku shepu
He gumma vagalu chooste maaku rimma tegulu putte
West coast pittaa neeke daash daash daash daash
Cheera kattukunte inka chilakakottudele
Siggu jaaripote paapa mogga tumpude le
Dont stop me…..Dont stop me


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