Puriyatha Puthir Full Movie Download – 2017 Tamil

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Puriyatha Puthir Full Movie Download

Puriyatha Puthir is a 2017 psychological thriller Movie in the Tamil language made under the direction of Ranjit JeyakodiDeepan Boopathy, Ratesh Velu has produced Puriyatha Puthir under the banner: Rebel Studio. When we consider the Casting of this movie, the lead roles are played by Vijay Sethupathi, Gayathrie, and Mahima Nambiar, while the supporting cast includes Arjunan, Ramesh Thilak, and Ranjith. Music is composed by the Music Director Sam C. S., while Ranjit Jeyakodi has provided the screenplay.

Puriyatha Puthir Trailer

Rebel Studio had already released Puriyatha Puthir Trailer on YouTube, which is well received by the audience. The Trailer has reached more than 2.9M views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

Puriyatha Puthir Cast & Crew

Movie Name:Puriyatha Puthir
Release Date:2017-09-01
Vijay SethupathiKathir
Mahima NambiarMrithula
Ramesh ThilakRamesh
Vanitha HariharanVanitha Hariharan
Movie Director(s):Ranjit Jeyakodi
Movie Producer(s):Deepan Boopathy, Ratesh Velu
Production Company:Rebel Studio
Screenplay:Ranjit Jeyakodi
Music Composer(s):Sam C. S.

Puriyatha Puthir Full Movie Story

Kathir, a Music Director, and his friends Vinod and DJ go to a Pub, on the way back to his music shop Kathir finds out a girl writing her name on the bus window as Meera. A few days later, Meera orders for a Red Violin and Kahir delivers it at the same time both decide to become lovers. Vinod’s bose suspends him from the job as the video of Vinod with his boss’s wife goes viral. Due to the humiliation faced in office, he commits suicide and Kathir blames Dj for his action. Later Kathir gets a message of Meera while changing her dress in the trial room. Kathir finds out that the message is from the mobile of Mrithula and goes in search of her. During this process, Kathir again gets a message of Meera bathing in the Bathroom and gets blackmailed of standing on the bridge naked.

Kathir finds a dairy of Meera and Mrithula and learns that Mrithula committed suicide because of he and his friends who stole Mrithula mobile and shares her personal pics to the whole college. Later even Meera commits suicide in front of Kathir to make him realize his mistakes.

Puriyatha Puthir Full Movie Review

Puriyatha Puthir movie is about Cybercrime done by the hero friends which he didn’t stop. The major issue of the present days which is a cybercrime was kept in the form of a movie. The film fails to reserve us and we are unable to relate with any of the characters. The twists and turns are also very easily predicted that anyone who regularly watches Malayalam films can guess the so-called ‘secret’ flashback and its after-effects.

Gayathrie looks so unimpressive even though Vijay is so energetic. The screenplay moves slowly which tests our patience and it lost its production values as the movie is in cons for a long time. Though the main story is good the delivery of it isn’t impressive.

Puriyatha Puthir Full Movie Download in Tamil

Puriyatha Puthir Full Movie Download is released on 01st September 2017, so, it would be Broadcasting on TV now, hence there is no point of downloading the movie from Online. Enjoy the movie on TV along with your family.

HDMediaHub doesn’t inspire anyone to download movies from Illegal Websites as its an offense and may ruin your life in prison. The Film Industry incur crores of rupees losses annually due to piracy. The problem of piracy has become so prevalent that even the leaders of Legal Website holders are wrenching their hands at their inability to prevent piracy.

You can find the link here to watch Puriyatha Puthir Full Movie Online in Netflix from the Location of Netflix

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Puriyatha Puthir Movie Review
  • Direction
  • Drama
  • Performance
  • Music

Average Hit Movie

Puriyatha Puthir is much more than a movie, an art is complete when it does justice to the society. A must watch at the current social situation.

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