Prasthanam Full Movie Download – 2010 Telugu

Prasthanam Full Movie Download

Prasthanam is a 2010 Telugu Movie written and directed by  Deva Katta, while Ravi Vallabhaneni, Vijay Krishna L jointly produced this movie under their own production house. The film stars Sharwanand, Sai Kumar, Sundeep Kishan, and Ruby Parihar in lead roles. Prasthanam Movie makers hired Mahesh Shankar for music composing, Shamdat for Cinematography and  Dharmendra Kakarala for editing this movie. This movie was released on 16 April 2010 and collected 3.18 crores from all over the world. Below in this article, you will find the details about Prasthanam Full Movie Download.

Cast & Crew
Sai KumarKetti Lokanatham Naidu
Sundeep KishanChina
Ruby Parihar
Rashmi GautamNadia Basha
Madhusudhan RaoHameed Basha
Vennela KishoreGoli
Pavitra LokeshSavitri, Mitra’s mother
Surekha VaniValli, Mitra’s sister
Jaya Prakash ReddyBangaru Naidu

Prasthanam Full Movie Download

  1. Ketti Lokanatham Naidu alias Loki takes over the reins of a rural political power from a dying man Galla Dasharatha Rama Naidu.
  2. On his deathbed, Rama requests Loki to marry his widowed daughter-in-law Savitri, whose husband Galla Keshava was murdered by a rival political group, and Loki complies.
  3. Loki’s stepson is Mitranand, and his son is Chinna. While Mitra is a devoted and loving son to Loki, his stepdaughter Valli hates him for marrying their mother.
  4. Loki wants to see Mitra as his heir because he is a thinking man, whereas Chinna is hot-blooded with a bad lifestyle.
  5. Chinna loathes Mitra because he receives lesser attention than Mitra from his father and is constantly discouraged by his father from entering politics.
  6. Valli’s sister-in-law is his love interest. Chinna gets upset on learning that Mitra is the new youth president of the party. That night, he sexually assaults Hameed Basha’s daughter Nadia, and she dies.
  7. Mitra wants to punish Chinna for this act, while Chinna tries to get Mitra killed. Chinna then kills Valli and her husband. Loki sacrifices his political goodwill to protect Chinna.
  8. By doing so, he and Mitra are forced to confront each other. Loki has Mitra beaten up when Mitra chases after Chinna to avenge Valli.
  9. Mitra leaves the house, moves to his old home in the village, and kills Chinna. Loki orders Mitra and Basha to be killed. Basha saves Mitra from the goons and tells him that Loki had killed Mitra’s biological father.
  10. Mitra confronts Loki and tells him that no amount of reading Puranas will absolve him of his heinous character. Loki then tells him to go beyond the Puranas as there are no villains and heroes, rather there are ordinary people committing sins to fulfill their goals.
  11. Mitra then falls down on Loki’s feet and says that Loki is the only father he has ever known, and even if his biological father had lived, Mitra would not have loved him as much as Loki. Mitra tells Loki that he still loves him but does not hate him enough to kill him. Mitra and Basha then leave. Soon after, Loki shoots himself.

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