Pelli Gola- Enjoy the Quirky Marriage Story By Mallik Ram On VIU

Pelli Gola- Enjoy the Quirky Marriage Story By Mallik Ram On VIU
Pelli Gola- Enjoy the Quirky Marriage Story By Mallik Ram On VIU

Romantic stories are highly loved when it comes to TV shows. No matter how many times, the romantic theme is being used in the TV shows; we just can’t get enough of them. Love is something that is said to be blind, but when marriage comes in the picture, things start to move in a different direction. Pelli Gola, a Telugu romantic web series is one of the most liked romantic web series, and its story revolves around two lovers – Jagadamba and Varun. Below in this article, we will cover the Pelli Gola- Enjoy the Quirky Marriage Story By Mallik Ram On VIU.

In India, there is still a trend of arranged marriages which has its own strict customs and traditions. There are many youngsters who follow their parents’ advice when it comes to the arranged system, but then there are Jagdamba and Varun of Pelli Gola who has things differently planned out. Pelli Gola 1 is a story of these two youngsters who want to wreck their own wedding. The web series has already showcased its three seasons and looking at the popularity of the show there can be more seasons in the future. 

Pelli Gola 1

Season 1 of Pelli Gola showcases a Telugu family, and the story takes us to the journey where we find two people turning their hateful relationship into love despite different changing circumstances. The role of Jagdamba is played by Varshini Sounderajan, and Abhijeet Duddala plays Varun in the show. Both the artists keep viewers roped in their performance and showcase amazing performance in the web series. The season became so popular that makers came out with its new season. Watch Pelli Gola 2 and Pelli Gola 3 in VIU. You will love this romantic Pelli Gola Telugu web series. 

Pelli Gola 2

Pelli Gola 2 added more fun as the story becomes more interesting. The audience gets a sneak peek in the married life of the Varun and Jagdamba. Both are shown to have small scuffles between them. The quarrels went to such an extent where the couple decides to go for a divorce. While managing their own married life, they also try to save Balaraju’s wedding. The show becomes more interesting when Manasa’s lover Balaraju kidnaps Jagdamba. 

Pelli Gola 3

With the high popularity of the last two seasons, makers decide to showcase season 3 of the same web series. Watch Pelli Gola season 3 online and get entertained with the unusual story of Jagdamba and Varun. Pelli Gola 3 was launched with a lot more fun and excitement. The season showcases the excitement and love surrounding the arranged marriage. It’s true that life gets very boring when a couple gets busy with their job and parenting duties. The season showcases how the simplest things can make your life fun. The season also includes another story of a marriage which the couple gets to save. 

The season gives a serious message that challenges in life are inevitable, and it’s up to you how you handle them. Watch Pelli Gola season 3 to enjoy the fun and excitement of the married life. 

The exciting life of Telugu village and the conundrum that the couple faces in each season make Pelli Gola web series interesting one to watch. Watch Viu’s Pelli Gola and make your weekend enjoyable and entertaining. Download the Pelli Gola web series and watch Pelli Gola’s all seasons with your family to add spice in your life. Get entertained with the drama that the web series has to offer. 

This weekend, give a break to English shows and binge on Telugu Web series – Pelli Gola for a change. With the web series getting fancier with every season, we are sure that you will enjoy it more with every passing episode. 

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