Pattipulam Full Movie Download-2019 Tamil Drama Movie


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Pattipulam Full Movie Download

Pattipulam is a 2019 Tamil language Comedy Drama Movie Directed by SureshThirumurugan has produced Pattipulam under the banner: chandhraa media vision. When we consider the Casting of this movie, the lead roles are played by Yogi Babu and Amitha Rao, while the supporting cast includes Mounam Ravi and Gana Vinoth. Music is composed by the Music DirectorVallavan, while Suresh has provided the screenplay.

Pattipulam Trailer

chandhraa media vision had already released Pattipulam Trailer on YouTube, which is well received by the audience. The Trailer has reached more than 163,442 views since the video is uploaded on YouTube.

Pattipulam Cast & Crew

Movie Name:Pattipulam
Release Date:2019-03-22
Yogi Babu
Amitha Rao
Mounam Ravi
Gana Vinoth
Movie Director(s):Suresh
Movie Producer(s):Thirumurugan
Production Company:chandhraa media vision
Music Composer(s):Vallavan

Pattipulam Full Movie Story

Veerazamar, a bike racer, lifts the bikes that are not built for the duo. Also, he is in love with Amita Rao who lives in the same area where Veerazamar lives. One day, a politician arranges an illegal bike race in which the hero is involved. This leads to the fight between the politician gang and the hero. The mob beats the hero and buries him alive in the box. Unsure of how to escape, with the mobile network he contacts his girlfriend to save. How Amita Rao traces out Veerazmar and stops the illegal bike racing forms the crux of the story.

Pattipulam Full Movie Download in Tamil

Pattipulam Full Movie Download is now telecasting on TV for the past few months. So it’s a waste of time in downloading the movie also a wrong practice to be followed.

Piracy has a bad effect on the economy by reducing the sales of the movie. Many bills were passed by the government such as SOPA, PIPA to fight against piracy but nothing could stop it. People involved in piracy may ruin their life in prison and debt which totally spoils your life. So, do not encourage it. Stealing the copyrighted content from its creators is an offense and punishable under law.

Where to Watch Pattipulam Movie Online?

Availability Status as of 02nd July 2019

  • Pattipulam Movie Online is now available in JioCinema with a Location from JioCinema
  • Pattipulam Movie Online is now available in EROS Now with a Location from EROS Now

As of now, this movie is not available on other legal streaming websites such as Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Youtube, etc. The link will be updated here as soon as the permissions are granted. Do not encourage piracy and support the film industry in fighting against it.

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Pattipulam Movie Review
  • Direction
  • Drama
  • Performance
  • Comedy

Below Average Movie

Pattipulam is a comedy movie but it does not reach to the audience directly, some Weak script, screenplay, and narration. Only one thing Yogi babu saved the movie and anyone not impressed their actions.

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