Oye Full Movie Download – 2009 Telugu

Oye Full Movie Download

Oye is a 2009 Telugu Movie written and directed by Anand Ranga, while DVV Danayya produced this movie under Universal Media. It futures Siddharth, Shamili in lead roles, while Sunil, Ali, Napoleon, Pradeep Rawat play pivotal roles. Oye Moviemakers also hired Yuvan Shankar Raja for music composing,  Vijay K Chakravarthi for Cinematography, and Marthand K Venkatesh for editing this movie. Below in this article, you will find the details about Oye Full Movie Download.

Cast & Crew
AliLayout Lingaraju
NapoleonDr. Harish
Pradeep RawatRas Bihari
M S NarayanaHotel Manager
Tanikella BharaniTelugu teacher
Surekha VaniSatya

Oye Full Movie Download

  1. Uday is a rich kid who becomes chairman of a company following the death of his father. He believes in the adage of life is short and carpe diem.
  2. At New Year’s Party 2007, he spies on a girl called Sandhya in a salwar-kameez, writing a diary at the pub. Through a series of searches with his friend “Fatso”, he ends up discovering that Sandhya lives alone at a beachside house and runs a nursery.
  3. She is very traditional with her own ideas. He enters her house on a pretense as a Paying Guest to make her fall in love with him. After a series of attempts to woo Sandhya, Uday eventually succeeds and presents her with 12 gifts on her birthday, the last being Uday himself.
  4. In a sub-plot, Insurance Salesmen Abishek ends up trying to show his younger and reclusive colleague “How to be a Man” in many lessons that often result in the latter’s physical pain.
  5. Eventually, the duo collides with the story’s main plot when they attempt to sell Sandhya life insurance. When asked who the beneficiary of the policy should be, she writes Uday’s name.
  6. When Uday hears this, he thinks he has won Sandhya. However, it is revealed to Uday that Sandhya is suffering from breast cancer and has limited time left.
  7. In the ensuing part of the film, Uday takes Sandhya on a cruise to Calcutta to spread her parent’s ashes in River Ganges.
  8. They run into several comic characters in their journey, including a kidnapped Abishek who tries unsuccessfully to tell Sandhya that her policy was rejected because of her illness; his attempts are thwarted by Uday.
  9. These circumstances help Uday teach Sandhya how to live life, and back from the trip Sandhya and Uday throw a Christmas party at Sandhya’s beach house.
  10. However, Sandhya collapses in the aftermath of the party and discovers the truth about her health. Sandhya eventually falls in love with Uday and says that she wants to spend the last days of her life with him.
  11. The ending scene has Uday and Sandhya sitting on a bench in the rain with a “Welcome 2008” sign in the background on New Year’s Eve.
  12. The scene then fades to Uday sitting alone with a “Welcome 2009” sign in the background one year later waiting for the rain. This inference that Sandhya has died, but Uday still keeps her memories close to heart. The film ends with Uday leaving after the rain

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