Oh My Friend Full Movie Download – 2011 Telugu

Oh My Friend Full Movie Download

Oh My Friend is a 2011 Telugu Movie written and directed by Venu Sri Ram, while Dil Raju produced this movie under Sri Venkateswara Creations. It starring Siddharth, Hansika Motwani, and Shruti Haasan. Navdeep played an important extended cameo in this film. Oh My Friend Movie makers also hired Rahul Raj for music composing,  Vijay C Chakravarthy for Cinematography and Marthand K. Venkatesh for editing this movie. Below in this article, you will find the details about Oh My Friend Full Movie Download.

Cast & Crew
Hansika MotwaniRitu
Shruti HaasanSiri Chandana
Tanikella BharaniChandu’s Father
Lakshmi RamakrishnanChandu’s Mother
Vinaya PrasadSiri’s Mother
AliClarity Kannaiah

Oh My Friend Full Movie Download

  1. The movie begins with Chandu and Siri as childhood friends. Chandu and Siri call each other “Factors” and “Killer”, respectively, affectionately.
  2. Their friendship remains intact even as they grow up. Chandu who was sent to Mumbai to do MBA instead learns music and returns home which leads to agony of his father.
  3. However, Siri convinces Chandu’s father that it is her responsibility to take care of Chandu’s career. They go for an audition where they get a fight with a band and he is sent out of the audition.
  4. Prior to that, Siri accepts the love proposal by Uday, who lives in the US after consulting Chandu. Later, Chandu and Siri accidentally meet their common friend in college, Ritu Sharma and Chandu falls in love with her at first sight.
  5. Chandu starts spending time with Ritu to impress her, but Siri feels that she is being avoided. Siri decides to leave for a dancing School at Chennai.
  6. Meanwhile, Ritu accepts Chandu’s love proposal. When Siri is about to leave, Chandu apologizes her that he had not noticed that she was being avoided.
  7. At the same time, Uday comes back from the US to surprise her. Hence, she decides not to leave. Chandu decides to attend Airtel music competition in Kochi as a lead guitarist in a band.
  8. Siri, Uday, and Ritu accompany him to Kochi. They all stay in a hotel in Kochi, where Clarity Kanna Rao is the servant. Chandu gets his practice through the band where he fought already but later on they become friends.
  9. Chandu wins the competition with guitar gifted by Siri. However, the events in Kochi displaying deep friendship between Chandu and Siri attracts jealousy of both Ritu and Uday.
  10. Finally, Uday calls for break up by asking to decide between him and Chandu. Chandu’s father defends Uday’s opinion and asks Chandu and Siri to realize their love.
  11. But, Chandu insists that their friendship can’t be turned into love and tells Uday to marry Siri, promising him that he will not be in touch, see her and talk to her forever.
  12. The movie ends with Siri giving birth to Uday’s child, while Chandu and Ritu, now a married couple, come to see them at the hospital.
  13. At the hospital, Uday realizes his mistake of separating them and asks Chandu and Siri to become friends again. They both reunite as Ritu enters now Chandu’s wife and feels happy for them. The four friends leave with Siri and Uday’s baby in Chandu’s car, now best friends forever.

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