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Veera is a 2011 Telugu Language Movie directed by Ramesh VarmaO Meri Bhavri song from this Ravi Teja, Kajal Aggarwal starrer Veera, is composed by the music director S. ThamanRahman has provided the Lyrics for this song: O Meri Bhavri, while S. Thaman, Bindu Mahima have provided the voice.

Song Details:

Song Title:O Meri Bhavri
Movie Director :Ramesh Varma
Music Director:S. Thaman
Singer(s):S. Thaman, Bindu Mahima
Lyrics By:Rahman

O Meri Bhavri Video Song from the Movie Veera

O Meri Bhavri Video Song from the Movie Veera is well received by the Audience. The Video Song has reached more than 231,165 views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

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O Meri Bhavri Song Lyrics in English

O meri bhavri o meri bhavri mattedo nimputhunnave
O meri savri o meri savri mantalle thakuthunnave
Manasantha nuvvele vayasantha needele
Niluvella alajadule kaligayi neevalle
Kasire ee paruvale kore nee kougille
Musire ee virahale karagali ivvale

O meri bhavri o meri bhavri mattedo nimputhunnave

Aa gangala nuvvu pongake
Aa pongutho nannu mingake
Nee rangutho thaarangame aadeyake naatho
Nuvvu bungamuthi pettake
Naa chinni gundenu thattake
Thadi laagutho chedakottake nadumuonchake naalo
Kalanaina nijamaina nee thapanallo unna
Baruvaiye paruvana nadume andisthunna
Virahanai vasthunna paradhale theesthunna
Lolone nippunnaa neeraininu thadipena

Andhalatho gandhalane poosavule naa gundapai
Yerupekkina nee buggatho kadhipavule nannu
Aa siggu thote vuggunave savuna na kallapai
Swargalane dhinchavule naa mundhare nuvvu
Anuvanuvu thadipuduthu nara naramu melipaduthu
Prathi kshanamu paravasame aipoya nee vasame
Adugadugu thadabaduthu nee paine padipothu
Adigaale anubhavame pancheseyi cherisagame

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