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Baladur is a 2008 Telugu Language Movie directed by K. R. UdhayashankarNuvvu Koncham Theda song from this Ravi Teja, Anushka Shetty starrer Baladur, is composed by the music director K. M. Radha KrishnanChandrabose has provided the Lyrics for this song: Nuvvu Koncham Theda , while Rahul Nambiar, Saindhavi have provided the voice.

Song Details:

Song Title:Nuvvu Koncham Theda
Movie Director :K. R. Udhayashankar
Music Director:K. M. Radha Krishnan
Singer(s):Rahul Nambiar, Saindhavi
Lyrics By:Chandrabose

Nuvvu Koncham Theda Video Song from the Movie Baladur

Nuvvu Koncham Theda Video Song from the Movie Baladur is well received by the Audience. The Video Song has reached more than 6.5K views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

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Nuvvu Koncham Theda Song Lyrics in English

Nuvvu Koncham theda nee navvu koncham theda
aa maata koncham theda aa sooku koncham theda
andukane nuvvu nachaavoy

Cheera chuttukoni rammante voni kattukoni vasthavu
voni kattukoni rammante naitylone vosthavu
getu theesukoni ramante goda dooki nuvvu vosthavu
goda dooki rammante kitikilooke vosthaavu
andarunte konthe theda ontigunte chaala theda
pattapagalu koddiga theda cheekataithe baaga theda
enthani ennani cheppaloy okati renda mooda ||Nuvvu koncham||

ballavesi bojjomante manchameyamani antaavu
manchamesi nidaromante nanne munchesthuntaavu
boggapaina cheyesthunte siggu antu atujarigeevu
siggu anukoni veluthunte signals evo isthaavu
tappuante minimum theda oppunte mottam theda
bujjagisthe swalpam theda rechagodithe sarvam theda
eedunu ekkada daachalo ada eda yeda
nuvvu koncham theda nee panulu koncham theda
nee kadalu koncham theda sangathulu koncham theda
andukane nuvvu nachaavoy
nee taste koncham theda nee buddi koncham Theda
Andukane nuvvu nachaave ||Nuvvu koncham||

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