Nee Soku Maada Song Lyrics In English and Video Song – Krishna Movie

Krishna is a 2008 Telugu Language Movie directed by V.V. VinayakNee Soku Maada song from this Ravi Teja, trisha Krishnan starrer Krishna, is composed by the music director ChakriChandrabose has provided the Lyrics for this song: Nee Soku Maada, while Chakri have provided the voice. Below in this article, you can find the details of Nee Soku Maada song lyrics in English language(s).

Song Details:

Song Title:Nee Soku Maada
Movie Director :V.V. Vinayak
Music Director:Chakri
Lyrics By:Chandrabose


Nee Soku Maada Video Song from Krishna movie

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Nee Soku Maada Song Lyrics in English

(Nee Soku Maada Ammo Ni Jimmadaa
Tippukuntu Tirigaave Nee Vompulu Voodipadaa) – 2
Ne Donga Choopu Chebutunde, Ne Rangu Pedavi Chebutunde
Tikka Nadaka Chebuthunde, taitakka Nadumu Chebuthunde
Na Paina E Prema Noorara Chepparaade Nee Noru Manda
Nee Soku Maada Ammo Ni Jimmadaa
Tippukuntu Tirigaave Nee Vompulu Voodipadaa

Eppudepude Inkepude Neeku Naakoka Linkepude
Eppudepude Love Eppude Nelo Vontiki Jivvepude
Vayasai Pothe Vudike Ice Ayipothe
Moje Pothe Korika Closeayi Pothe
Merupouthundi Talloni Juttu, Vadulouthundi Vontloni Pattu
Anavasaranga Cheyyoddu Bettu
Andalanni Nachetha Bettu Athi Cheyyakunda
(Nee Soku Maada Ammo Ni Jimmadaa) – 2
Tippukuntu Tirigaave Nee Vompulu Voodipadaa

Anthele Anthele Aadollantha Anthele
Pai Paine Panthale Lo Lo Thaka Din Dinthale
Vadiley Ante Ardam Inkaa Vaatey
Normooy Ante Ardam Pedave Kalipey
Kasiravante Kavvinchinattu, Vodigavante Vusigolipinattu
Tittavante Terateesinattu
Kottavante Karuninchinattu Taka Din Thana Thana
Nee Soku Nee Soku
Nee Soku Maada Ammo Ni Jimmadaa
Tippukuntu Tirigaave Nee Vompulu Voodipadaa



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