Natasaarvabhowma Box Office Collection, Hit or flop


Natasaarvabhowma Box Office Collection

Natasaarvabhowma is a Kannada horror action film written and directed by Pavan Wadeyar under the production of Rockline Entertainments Pvt Ltd. Starring Puneeth Rajkumar, Rachita Ram, and Anupama Parmeshwaramin the lead roles. Also, the film features B. Saroja Devi, Chikkanna, and P. Ravishankar in the pivotal supporting roles. Being Puneet movie after a year here you will find Natasaarvabhowma Box Office Collection and Hit or flop.

Natasaarvabhowma Box Office Collection

As per our expectation, the Natasaarvabhowma Box Office Collection is expected to be good. Talking about Nata Sarvabhouma being Hit or Flop will be known after looking at its Box Office.

Nata Sarvabhouma Worldwide Box Office Collection

NatasaarvabhowmaCollection (Cr)
Natasaarvabhowma 1st Day Collection08.30
Natasaarvabhowma 2nd Day Collection08.80
Natasaarvabhowma 3rd Day Collection07.30
Natasaarvabhowma 4th Day Collection07.80
5th Day Collection5.30
6th Day Collection3.80
7th Day Collection3.30
8th Day Collection2.80
9th Day Collection1.30
10th Day CollectionTBA
Total Collection48.70

Nata Sarvabhouma Karnataka Box Office Collection

NatasaarvabhowmaCollection (Cr)
Natasaarvabhowma 1st Day Collection07.50
Natasaarvabhowma 2nd Day Collection08.00
Natasaarvabhowma 3rd Day Collection06.70
Natasaarvabhowma 4th Day Collection07.20
5th Day Collection05.00
6th Day Collection03.50
7th Day Collection02.80
8th Day Collection02.50
9th Day Collection01.00
10th Day CollectionTBA
Total Collection44.20

Natasaarvabhowma News & Updates

  • 2nd Feb 2019- Puneeth Rajkumar’s Natasaarvabhowma first looks revealed.
  • 29th Dec 2018- Grand audio launch of Puneet Rajkumar’s Natasaarvabhowma.
  • 28th Sep 2018- Pawan Wadeyar wrap up shooting in Kolkata
  • 26th Jun 2018- I am excited to do debut in Kannada with Puneeth Rajkumar says Anupama Parameswaran.
  • 31st May 2018- Hunt on for heroine for Natasaarvabhowma
  • 16th Jan 2018- Puneeth Rajkumar’s next film Natasaarvabhowma to be directed by Pavan Wadeyar.

Natasaarvabhowma Box Office Collection Prediction.

Natasaarvabhowma is one of the most awaited movies for Puneeth Rajkumar fans. Firstly,  Puneet didn’t appear in any movie for years. Hence, there is a lot of excitement among his fans. In short, Natasaarvabhowma can be his great success for this year.

Certainly, his last film, Raajakumara did perform well with 75 crores as its Box Office Collection. That is to say that Natasaarabhowma can make more than what Raajakumara did at the Box Office Collection. Let’s hope for the best for his new year first movie Natasaarvabhowma. Here is the Natasaarvabhowma Box Office Collection Prediction.

DurationPositive TalkNegative Talk
1st day08 Cr06 Cr
2nd day09 Cr05 Cr
3rd day10 Cr04 Cr
Opening weekend30 Cr15 Cr
Total80 Cr30 – 40 Cr

Natasaarabhowma Hit or Flop

Natasaarabhowma is a horror action Kannada Movie and there are more chances for the movie to garner healthy Box Office Collection. However, Puneeth Rajkumar fans are waiting for its release and it has already created a buzz among the audience.

Moreover, on the Music release more than 1 lakhs fans were witnessed in the release. By looking at certain activities it seems it will collect good Box Office Collection. Being Puneeth first movie of the year 2019 there is a huge possibility that the movie will taste great success. Let’s hope for the best for Natasaarvabhowma Box Office Collection.

Natasaarabhowma Story

Natasaarvabhowma is a Horror Thriller movie about a Man Gagan Dixit (Puneeth Rajkumar) who is influenced by a Supernatural force to execute some important task. The story takes place in when Gagan visits Bangalore and when he starts encounter supernatural force. Since then he goes on a mission when the force takes him to.

Puneet is plating a Reporters role, and as expected it has a lot of actions. During his visit to Bangalore, he meets Minister Ghanshyam Yadav to cover a story about him. Natasaarvabhowma Movie takes the twist after Puneet meets the Minister.

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