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Naa Chirunamaa song is from 2003 Telugu Language Movie Neeku Nenu Naaku Nuvvu made under the direction of Raja Sekhar. As far as the acting crew is concerned, Uday Kiran, Shriya Saran have played the main lead roles in this movie. People behind this popular song include: Music Director R. P. Patnaik, Lyricist peddada Murthy, and the lead singer(s) Rajesh, K. S. Chithra

Song Details:

  • Movie Name: Neeku Nenu Naaku Nuvvu
  • Song Title: Naa Chirunamaa
  • Movie Director: Raja Sekhar
  • Music Director: R. P. Patnaik
  • Singers: Rajesh, K. S. Chithra
  • Lyricist: peddada Murthy
  • Movie Language: Telugu

Naa Chirunamaa Video Song from the Movie Neeku Nenu Naaku Nuvvu

Naa Chirunamaa Video Song from the Movie Neeku Nenu Naaku Nuvvu is well received by the Audience. The Video Song has reached more than 92K views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

Suresh Productions is the original owner of this Video Song, hence copying this Video song in any form is considered as a Copy Right Violation as per YouTube, Indian and American Copy Right Laws.

Naa Chirunamaa Song Lyrics in English

Naa chirinaama nee hrudayana koluvayyindaa
Avuna emo
Naa chirunavve nee pedhavullo velugayyindaa
Avuna emo
Nee gundello nindaana
Gorintalle pandana
Nijamo kaadho naake teladhu gaa
Nee kallallo ne lena nee kalalalle raalena
Kalavo levo vethike chepta gaa
Naa chirunaama nee hrudayana koluvayyindaa
Avuna emo
Madhuvolike siri pedhavullo nuv daachina peru naadhegaa
Undhanuko adhi nijamaithe mari maata ga maaradhaaa
Buggalo kurra suggule errabothe nenu kaanaaaa
Avunano inka kaadhano ardhamaithe cheppalenaaa
Nee manasante nene gaaa nee mamathantha naadhe gaaa
Inka naake thelitani sangathi gaaa
Naa chirunaama nee hrudayana koluvayyindhaa
Avuna emo
Adugadugu nee prathi panilo oohinchina thodu nene gaaa
Nee oohe naakochindaa gurutheppudu ledhu gaa
Chaatuga poota pootana vethikedhe nannu kaadhaaa
Kaadhu le ledhu ledhu le apavaadha kanne meedha
Kaadhantunte avunanile ledhantunte undhani le
Emo emo emo emo leeee
Naa chirunaama nee hrudayana koluvayyindaaa
Naa chirunavve nee pedhavullo velugayyindhaaaa

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