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Mundhugane song is from 2014 Telugu Language Movie Chinnadana Nee Kosam. Chinnadana Nee Kosam movie is directed by A. Karunakaran. Although there are many other important performances by other actors in this movie, Nithiin, Mishti have played the main lead roles. Important Contributors behind this popular song include: Music Director Anoop Rubens, LyricistKrishna chitanaya, and the lead singer(s) Ramya Behra

Song Details:

  • Movie Name: Chinnadana Nee Kosam
  • Song Title: Mundhugane
  • Movie Director: A. Karunakaran
  • Music Director: Anoop Rubens
  • Singers: Ramya Behra
  • Lyricist: Krishna chitanaya
  • Movie Language: Telugu

Mundhugane Video Song from the Movie Chinnadana Nee Kosam

Mundhugane Video Song from the Movie Chinnadana Nee Kosam is well received by the audience. The Video Song has reached more than 203K views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

Aditya Music is the original owner of this Video Song, hence copying this Video song in any form is considered as a Copyright Violation as per YouTube, Indian and American Copyright Laws.

Mundhugane Song Lyrics in English

Mundhugane raasi vundho
Yemayaindho yemo mari
Cherupukunna cheraganandho
Premayindho yemo mari
Chuse chupulo yenni maatalo
Unnavika naa ossulo oo..

Sutiga cheppedhela neetho
Ninne chuse kallallo
Jarigayi yenno maarpulu
Kotthaga unnav anadharilo nuvve ra
Dhuram perigipothunna
Mannchai karigipothunna
Ayyina mounanga thelusa ra

Neededho thakindha needhemo anukunna
Neekai vechundhi thelusa naa prema
Sandhade ayina nuvve ra
Pandagaayina nuvve ra
Pattapagaloche kallalo
Nuvve nuvve nuvve nuvv ra
Poovai vichukovalo dhindai hathukovalo
Thodai neetho undalo cheppa ra
Dhare icchi povalo ninne addukovalo
Neetho nennu raavalo cheppa ra

Dhare ichi povalo ninne addukovalo
Neetho nennu raavalo cheppa ra

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