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Yatra is a 2019 Telugu Language Movie directed by Mahi V. RaghavMaruginava Rajannasong from this Mammootty, Suhasini Maniratnam, Jagapathi Babu starrer Yatra, is composed by the music director K Krishna KumarPenchal Das has provided the Lyrics for this song: Maruginava Rajanna, while Panchal Das have provided the voice.

Song Details:

Movie Name:Yatra
Song Title:Maruginava Rajanna
Movie Director:Mahi V. Raghav
Music Director:K Krishna Kumar
Singer(s):Penchal Das
Lyrics By:Penchal Das


Maruginava Rajanna Video Song from the Movie Yatra

Maruginava Rajanna Video Song from the Movie Yatra is well received by the Audience. The Video Song has reached more than 500K views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

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Maruginava Rajanna Song Lyrics in English

Marugainaava Rajanna
Kanumarugainaava Rajanna

Maa Inti Devudavee
Maa Kanti Veluguvee
Vorigeenaava Raajanna
Vorigeenaava Raajanna

Addumaanam Adivilona
Yaalagaanee Yaalakaadaa
Painaboye Pacchulaaraa
Yaadamma Mana Raajanna

Nuvvocche Daavallo
Punnagaa Poolujalli
Neekosam Vechunte
Chejaree Potheevaa

Challaanee Nee Navv00
Chakkaani Nee Nadakaa
Racchabanda Cherakane
Nelaraalee Potheevaa

Maata Tappani Raajanna
Madama Tippani Manishivayaa
Maruvajaalamu Nee Roopam
Neeku Saati Evarayya

Maa Gundello Gudisello
Koluvuntavu Rajanna
Saayaam Sandhyaa Deepamlo
Ninne Taluchukuntaamuu
Ninne Taluchukuntaamuu

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