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Manasa Padha song is from 2015 Telugu Language Movie Mariyaan made under the direction ofBharat Bala. As far as the acting crew is concerned, Dhanush, Parvathy have played the main lead roles in this movie. People behind this popular song include: Music Director A.R. Rahman, Lyricist Chandra Bose, and the lead singer(s) A.R. Rahman

Song Details:

Movie Name:Mariyaan
Song Title:Manasa Padha
Movie Director:Bharat Bala
Music Director:A.R. Rahman
Singer(s):A.R. Rahman
Lyrics By:Chandra Bose


Manasa Padha Video Song from the Movie Mariyaan

Manasa Padha Video Song from the Movie Mariyaan is well received by the Audience. The Video Song has reached more than 256K views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

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Manasa Padha Song Lyrics in English

Surya samudram ponguthuna
Karuna himamu kaluguthuna
Ningini andharmam cherukunna
Manushulu mamathaku dooramaina
Vyadhatho praanam naluguthuna
Ee preme aagadhule

Manasa padha… manasa padha…
Manasa padha… manasa padha…
Nuvvu lechira… nuvvu lechira…
Preme antham avvadhule
Idaari aakashalu veraina
Yadhalo ashalu neeraina
Parupavu roopu maaripoyina
Paapalu navvu marachipoyina
Jaghathina sthithi gathi hathamaina
Nee preme aagadule
Manasa padha… manasa padha…(2x)
Nuvvu lechira… nuvvu lechira…
Preme antham avvadhule
Adharaddhu bedharoddhu
Nee baadhlu ninnati gaadhale
Ippude puttam
Nee maatalu vennela gaalulule
Kalakaalam nee prema vardhillunu idhi nijame
Kshanamaina kaaledhu kanumarage
Manasa padha… manasa padha…(2x)
Nuvvu lechira… nuvvu lechira..
Preme antham avvadhule


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