How Does Listening to Music help you Beat Insomnia?

Listening to Music help you Beat Insomnia

Considered food for the soul, music is an essential element of our lives. We can’t even imagine our life without it. However, Music is not just limited to making you dance now. It took the role of therapy. People are now using it while doing Yoga, Jogging, meditation and even to fall asleep. Yes, it is believed that music could help you beat insomnia. Don’t you believe it? Let’s see how?

 How music could beat insomnia according to research:

  • Scientists approve of the parents ’ saying that soft rhythms can help their babies sleep. But it’s not just with babies. Adults from different age groups confirm that their sleep quality improves after listening to music.
  • One report shows that adults who listen to music at least for 45 minutes report improved sleep quality. And it happened even on the very first day.
  • Another study was done on women having insomnia symptoms. Before adding music to their night routines, they took 27 to 69 minutes to fall asleep. After listening to music for 10 consecutive days, they took only 6 to 12 minutes to fall asleep.

3 reasons how relaxing music could help you beat Insomnia:

  • Relaxing Music “” helps in the regulation of hormones and also the stress hormone cortisol. As the increased level of cortisol results in increased alertness, leading to bad sleep. Music helps in regulating the level of cortisol. That is why it helps in better sleep.
  • Listening to pleasurable music releases Dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone that releases during pleasurable activities like exercise, sex, and eating.

Music addresses the pain that causes sleep issues. Responding to music physically and psychologically reduces acute as well as chronic pains. The release of Dopamine as a result of facing all these things generates good feelings.

  • Music soothes the autonomic nervous system. It controls unconscious or automatic processes with the lungs, heart, and digestive system. Listening to music soothes the autonomic nervous system which leads to slow breaths, low heartbeat, and decreased blood pressure.
  • Many people consider their bedroom the reason for their sleepless nights and frustration. Music can help one distract from pressing thoughts. This affects the mind and body relaxation needed to sleep.
  • Noise from the outside like roads, airplanes, traffic reduce sleep efficiency. It can also cause several health issues. Music could help insomnia by avoiding such noises.

What type of music should be in my playlist to beat insomnia?

  • Studies show that music around 60-80 BPM is effective in better sleep. The reason for it is resting heart rate ranges between 60-100 BPM. so music around 60-80 BPM helps the body sync with the music. You can try this relaxing music for meditation
  •  Another most quoted suggestion is that people should listen to their favorite music or any music they find solace listening to. This will help them sleep better.


Insomnia can cause serious health and productivity issues. Many people don’t pay attention to their sleep issues or take medicines to enhance sleep. However, some treat their insomnia with music.

The above-mentioned studies’ results and reasons leave us no reason to deny how listening to music could help you beat insomnia. So don’t take your sleep and health for granted. Give it a try.

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