Life Is Beautiful Full Movie Download- 2012 Telugu

Life Is Beautiful Full Movie Download

Life Is Beautiful is a 2012 Telugu Movie written and directed by Sekhar Kammula, while  Sekhar Kammula, Chandrasekhar Kammula jointly produced this movie under Amigos Creations. The movie features Shriya Saran, Anjala Zaveri, Amala Akkineni, Abhijeet Duddala, Vijay Deverakonda, Sree Vishnu in lead roles, while Sreemukhi, Sudhakar Komakula Kaushik. Shagun, Zara Shah in supporting roles. Music is composed by Mickey J Meyer. Below in this article, you will find the details about Life is Beautiful Full Movie download.


Cast & Crew
Appaji AmbarishaDarbha
Shriya SaranParvati
Anjala ZaveriMaya
Amala AkkineniAmma
Abijeet DuddalaSrinu
Sudhakar KomakulaNagraj
Kaushik DarbhaAbhi
Shaun KaurPaddu
Zara ShahLakshmi
Rashmi ShastrySathya

Life Is Beautiful Story

1st Half

The Story begins with “Srinu” who is a college student with two sisters, Satya, and Chinni. Srinu’s widowed mother asks her children to move to their uncle’s house in Hyderabad as she got a job transfer. Srinu’s mom promises to Chinni that she will return in one year. The area in which Srinu’s uncle lives is divided into two areas the luxurious Gold-phase and the lower class B-phase.

Srinu’s uncle lives in B-phase along with Srinu’s Aunt, brother-in-law and sister-in-law, grandfather and grandmother. B-phase is filled with humble people. The B-phase “gang” leader Nagaraj, Abhi the nerd, Lakshmi, and Paddu. Paddu’s parents are wealthy and her mother is arrogant. Nagaraj’s father is frustrated with his son as he has no job and always roams around B-phase.

2nd Half

Gold-phase is filled with arrogant rich people who have no compassion towards the lower class B-phase. Some of them are Rakesh, Gold-phase “gang” leader, short-tempered Suresh, and Ajay. Paru is also Suresh’s girlfriend is also part of Gold-phase. Srinu soon faces the Gold-phase rogues and gets into a brawl with them. At this juncture, it is revealed that Abhi is attracted to Paru, which angers Suresh. Chinni and her grandfather are insulted when a prestigious private school denies Chinni admission, citing her inability to speak English. Her grandfather challenges the school officials and motivates Chinni to learn English.

Over time, Srinu and Paddu get close while Nagaraj tries to get close to Lakshmi. Meanwhile, Maya madam is being harassed by an anonymous caller. Srinu, Nagaraj, and Abhi find out who he is and catch him. After Maya madam beats the caller, he reveals that he is from Gold-phase. At this juncture, Maya madam thanks the boys and acquaints with them. The caller brings the Gold-phase gang along and a fight starts, which Maya madam breaks up.


Despite the struggle, Ashok and Sony’s marriage is conducted in a simple manner at Ashok’s house. Only Paru shows up to the marriage reception and becomes acquainted with Abhi, which annoys Suresh. She also reveals that she is competing in the Miss India contest. At the reception, Ajay who came with Suresh and Paru sees Lakshmi and is immediately attracted to her

Paru visits Abhi and asks how he’s been doing, which Abhi says that he is just happy because everyone else is happy. But when she asks if he has been missing her. With this, Paru leaves feeling happy for Abhi and B-phase. In the end, Chinni asks her mother do they really have to go back. Everyone asks the family to stay, to which the family agrees

Life Is Beautiful Story Full Movie Download

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