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Langhe Paani song is from 2016 Punjabi Language Movie Bambukat made under the direction of Pankaj Batra. As far as the acting crew is concerned, Ammy Virk and Simi Chahal have played the main lead roles in this movie. People behind this popular song include: Music Director Jatinder Shah, Lyricist Vinder Nathumajra, and the lead singer(s) Prabh Gill

Song Details:

Movie Name:Bambukat
Song Title:Langhe Paani
Movie Director:Pankaj Batra
Music Director:Jatinder Shah
Singer(s):Prabh Gill
Lyrics By:Vinder Nathumajra


Langhe Paani Video Song from the Movie Bambukat

Langhe Paani Video Song from the Movie Bambukat is well received by the Audience. The Video Song has reached more than 3 Million views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

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Langhe Paani Song Lyrics in English

Langhey paani wangu door ho gayon sajna ve,
Langhey pani wangu, door ho gayon sajjna ve,
Suk na jawa kidhre hijar tere vich rukh hoke,
Tu khili bahar jeha,
Hoye karaar jeha,

Deja seka thari hoi jind nu poh di dhup ho ke,
Langhe pani wangu,
Door ho gayo sajna ve,
#Langhe pani vangu.
Ve main naal hawavan,
Roz duavaan ghaldi rahi,
Badle vich saarhe hawa,
Na mere waldi rahi,

Ve main nal hawavaan,
Roz duavaan ghaldi rahi,
Badle vich saarhe hawa,
Na mere waldi rahi,

Ya taan fatwa jaari karde sadi maut wala,
Jaan fer lag ja rooh nu,
La-ilaaj koi dukh ho ke,
_Langhe paani wangu,
Door ho gayon sajna ve,
Suk na jawaan kidre,
Hijar tere vich rukh ho ke,
Langhe pani wangu.

Mainu kha na jave kite vichoda dardi aan,
Koi aan milave nit main ro-ro mardi aan,
Ghadiyan intezar gindi na kite muk jaan,
Eh ton pehlan mil ja jannat wala sukh hoke,
Tu khili bahar jeha, hoye karar jeha,
De ja seka thari hoyi jind nu poh di dhup hoke,
Lange pani vangu door ho geyo sajnda ve,
Muk na jawa kidre hijar tere vich rukh ho ke,
Lange pani wangu.

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