Kolaiyuthir Kaalam Full Movie Download-2019 Tamil Mystery Thriller Movie


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Kolaiyuthir Kaalam Full Movie Download

Kolaiyuthir Kaalam is a 2019 Tamil language mystery thriller film Movie Directed by Chakri ToletiV. Mathiyalagan has produced Kolaiyuthir Kaalam under the banner: Etcetera Entertainment. When we consider the Casting of this movie, the lead role is played by Nayanthara, while the supporting cast includes Pratap Pothen, Bhumika Chawla, and Rohini Hattangadi. Music is composed by the Music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja, while Chakri Toleti has provided the screenplay.

Kolaiyuthir Kaalam Trailer

Etcetera Entertainment had already released Kolaiyuthir Kaalam Trailer on YouTube, which is well received by the audience. The Trailer has reached more than 2,580,770 views since the video is uploaded on YouTube.

Kolaiyuthir Kaalam Cast & Crew

Movie Name:Kolaiyuthir Kaalam
Release Date:2019-06-14
Pratap Pothen
Bhumika Chawla
Rohini Hattangadi
Movie Director(s):Chakri Toleti
Movie Producer(s):V. Mathiyalagan
Production Company:Etcetera Entertainment
Screenplay:Chakri Toleti
Music Composer(s):Yuvan Shankar Raja

Kolaiyuthir Kaalam Full Movie Story

Kolaiyuthir Kaalam movie revolves around the story of a deaf and mute girl played by Nayanathara. She is the sole heir of ancestral properties and manages them efficiently. A psycho follows her, ties her in a bungalow and tortures her for the property. The rest of the story shows how she escapes from the psycho and safeguards her ancestral properties. To know the full story go to the theatres and watch it as it is still running in cinemas.

Kolaiyuthir Kaalam Full Movie Download in Tamil

Kolaiyuthir Kaalam Full Movie Download is still running in cinemas so it might take time to broadcast on TV. Do not encourage piracy and watch it on TV or else in Legal sites once the permissions are granted by Etcetera Entertainments.

Movie piracy is an illegal practice which is a new era that affects the film industry financially at a global level. Piracy is illegal to sell, trade and distribute to the users. Internet piracy is the latest News trend that has to be eradicated soon. Punishment for the Piracy creators is stringent and punitive in nature.

Where to Watch Kolaiyuthir Kaalam Full Movie Online?

Kolaiyuthir Kaalam Full Movie Online is not having any streaming offers as it is still running in cinemas. So, move on to nearest theatres and watch the movie with high-quality picture and sound effects. Kolaiyuthir Kaalam movie will be available on the legal streaming websites such as Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, etc. as soon as the streaming permissions are granted. We strongly request you not to watch the movies on illegal sites as its an offense.

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Kolaiyuthir Kaalam Movie Review
  • Direction
  • VFX
  • Performance
  • Music

Average Hit Movie

Kolaiyuthir Kaalam is a thriller Movie Nayanthara take a movie in her shoulders. and Direction was good and other actors acting just good not justifies. The music was helpful to the movie. Watch the movie in theatres for visual sound effects.

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