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Kodakaa Koteswar Rao song is from 2018 Telugu Language Movie Agnyaathavaasi made under the direction ofTrivikram Srinivas. As far as the acting crew is concerned, Pawan Kalyan, Keerthi Suresh, Anu Emmanuel have played the main lead roles in this movie. People behind this popular song include: Music Director Anirudh Ravichander, Lyricist Bhaskarabhatla, and the lead singer(s) Pawan Kalyan

Song Details:

  • Movie Name: Agnyaathavaasi
  • Song Title: Kodakaa Koteswar Rao
  • Movie Director: Trivikram Srinivas
  • Music Director: Anirudh Ravichander
  • Singers: Pawan Kalyan
  • Lyricist: Bhaskarabhatla
  • Movie Language: Telugu

Kodakaa Koteswar Rao Video Song from the Movie Agnyaathavaasi

Kodakaa Koteswar Rao Video Song from the Movie Agnyaathavaasi is well received by the Audience. The Video Song has reached more than 2M views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

Aditya Music is the original owner of this Video Song, hence copying this Video song in any form is considered as a Copy Right Violation as per YouTube, Indian and American Copy Right Laws.

Kodakaa Koteswar Rao Song Lyrics in English

Hey Sharma uh uh uh uh
Ah.Uh ivvu
Va va va va sharma
Inka nee touch poledhoy
Continue continue

Ah.ah ah babu tukaram
Oka glass miriyala paalu
Karchu anukopothe
Rendu yaalakkayalu kooda
Thagilinchavoy kummeddham

Kodakaa koteeshwar rao aa.hm
Sharma gaaru nenen paduthunnanu
Meerem vinipisthunnaru
Ippude baagundhannav babu

Appudu bavundhannanu ippudu kaddhu
Sorry kanth nen quality vishayam lo
Compromise avvalenu avvalenante avvalenu
Asalu naa oopandhukune
Young and talent musicians ye lera

WoW Boy

Kodakaa kodakaa
Kodakaa koteshwarRao karusaipothavuro
Kodakaa koteshwarRao karusaipothavuro
Pulasa laaga yegiripadithe
Pulasa laaga yegiripadithe
Pulusai pothavuro

Kodakaa koteshwarRao karusaipothavuro
Kodakaa koteshwarRao karusaipothavuro
Cheyya padithe maadipoina arisai pothavuro

Chirigina. chirigina. aah
Chirigina parusai pothavuro
Irigina irusai pothavuro

Naaggaani thikkalesthe
Bomma leni borusai pothavuro
Thegina golusai pothavuro
Mottham manishe pothavuro

Koda kodakaa
Orey neecha nikrushta koteshwarRao
Nee dharidram cheppadaaniki
Naa daggarunna dialogue lu
Saripovadam ledhu ra

Mattai pothavuro, cheepuru kattai pothavuro
Nuvvu kindha padina itthadi bindhaki
Sottai pothavuro

Rottai pothavuro, chettha buttai pothavuro
Hey sagam kaali aaripoina chuttai pothavuro

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