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kedarnath-Full-Movie download

Kedarnath is a 2018 Hindi romantic drama disaster film written and directed by Abhishek Kapoor and produced by Ronnie Screwvala & Pragya Kapoor. Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan played the lead roles. Here you will find a legal way of downloading Kedarnath Full Movie Download.

Kedarnath Full Movie Story

The Kedarnath Temple

Mansoor (Sushant Singh Rajput) is a Muslim guy, who stays nearby the Kedarnath Temple, takes sightseers up to the Kedarnath Temple. Mukku (Sara Ali Khan), is a daughter of a Hindu Brahmin priest who runs the hostel for visitors by the temple in favor of temple committee. Mukku is engaged to another Brahmin, relative of the head priest. He was planned to marry Mukku’s elder sister Brinda (Pooja Gor), but he dumped her and swapped to Mukku when she grew up to be beautiful than Brinda. And her father Brijraaj Mishra (Nitish Bharadwaj), also agreed.

Mukku, in order to cancel the marriage, starts to impress the local boys and convince them to come to her home and propose her in order to upset her father and future husband. But Mansoor is different from others, both of them notices each other. Mansoor and Mukku, both of them, fall in love with each other unknowingly.

They Both get Trapped in Rain

They are trapped in the rain together, discuss the story of their childhood, and then kiss each other. Her jealous sister Bindra tells Mansoor that Mukku is just infatuated by his nature as she has flirted other local boys also. Mukku is not able to defend herself when he confronts her but begins following him everywhere, finally sitting in the heavy rain outside his home. Her sister tries to care for her, but she is found out at Mansoor home. Her family and Brahmin community come for her and plans to throw out all the Muslim.

Heavy Rain Sweeps Away

Mukku is taken home by her family who fixed her marriage. Mansoor chooses not to leave the valley without Mukku.  Her husband mocks Mansoor with the marriage news with Mukku. He runs towards Mukku and promises her he will come back for her that night when she is regained, so they can leave the valley together. Mukku’s husband plans to take his team of the priest and to kill Mansoor and drive out all the Muslim. All of sudden heavy rain and floods begin. Mansoor sends his mother with other porters into the mountains and runs towards Mukku. She and her family attempt to gather the guests of their lodge in a top floor, her husband and his mother arrive driven in by the storm and then the floor crashes down and her sister and her mother swept away along with half the other people.

Mansoor Sacrifice His Life

Mukku and her father make their way to temple, Mansoor finds them in the temple just as the water pushes down. He grabs her hand in the flood and her father holds on to her and all three are saved. After the water goes down, they make their way to a home that is still standing and wave at an India Army helicopter that is coming to save them. Mansoor saves all the children along with Mukku’s father and Mukku.

But there is only one person space left in the helicopter and the father of the family has not gone yet, so Mansoor sends him instead of himself.  After three years, Mukku is still seen living with her father and running the hotel, listening to the Mansoor’s favorite song on the radio which she is dedicated to him and smiles.

Cast & Crew

Sushant Singh RajputMonsoor
Sara Ali KhanMukku
Nitish BharadwajBrijraaj Mishra
Alka AminMansoor’s mother
Sonali SachdevLata
Pooja GorBrinda
Nishant DahiyaKullu
Mir SarwarBashir
Sunita RajwarDaddo
Arun BaliChief Priest

Kedarnath Full Movie Download

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Kedarnath Movie Review
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Good Movie

Kedarnath is a good romantic film. It is a beautiful love story film. All the actors did their performance well.

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