How to add your location on Google Map?

How to add your location on Google Map
How to add your location on Google Map

Your Smartphone can identify your location using a gyroscope. Google Maps App can access that location information from the Phone-based on your privacy settings. As you know, Google Maps provides free navigation from one location to another. It provides features to add your location to the Map permanently whether it is your Home Location or your Business. So, you or others looking for your location don’t have to spend time searching for your location.

Why Businesses shall add their location on Google Maps?

You are on a weekend and planning to attend a great party that your friend is throwing. You are looking for the best clothing center near your location. And, you open Google, did a search, found a shop nearby but you are unable to ascertain its location because the Shop owner did not feed in essential details of the shop on Google Maps. Chad Kimball Google Maps help to know how to locate Google Maps.

Now, you went on with your search further and found another shop with accurate details such as its exact address, directions to reach, its hours of operations, contact details, etc. It is obvious that you will choose the shop whose address is accurate. This is how customers do if they won’t find the shop address properly they would visit your competitor’s shop and you will lose your potential customer.

Relax! You can fix this, it is very simple. Let us show how you can add your location to the places by using Google photos by using Google Maps. Follow the below-mentioned steps if you want to add your business address or home address.

How to Add your business location to Google Maps

Step 1.

Go to Google My Business and Sign in

Step. 2

Enter your business name, click next and add your location. If you are a service area business that delivers goods and service then you have to tick on the box mentioned below.

Step 3

Specify your area that you serve in.

Step 4

Choose your business category and add crucial details of your business such as ‘Operational Hours’, Contact Details, etc.

Step 5

Finish and verify your business. After completion, you will be able to see your business location on Google Maps, and also this information is public and your potential customers also can see your business location and its details.

How to add your Home location on Google Map?

Whenever you travel to a new location, you want to find out how to reach your home back? Or You want your Food delivery Boy or a friend visiting you at home to find your home location without much trouble. You can add your location to the Map and make it public.

Once you start from your home, you can start using Google Maps to reach your destination. Google Maps shows you the directions from the starting point to the destination point, along with the distance. It aids the user in various ways. If you have set an address all you need to do is save it for further use. The map will guide you from your home to your workplace.

If you haven’t added your home location to Google Maps, simply follow these steps to add your location on Google Maps.

  1. Open Google Map and Type Home in the search bar
  2. Now, select your Home as appeared in the drop-down of the Google search result
  3. Google will ask you would you like to set your home location
  4. Click on add
  5. Type your home address and when you are finished your home location will be available on the Google Map

Note: Add your full address on the Google Map, if it does not show the exact address then, remove your house number or apartment number. The marker will locate you in the middle of the road and set the marker on your home or apartment.

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