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Gentleman Full Movie DownloadTeis a 2016 Telugu language Romantic Thriller Movie Directed by Mohan Krishna IndragantiSivalenka Krishna Prasad has produced Gentleman under the banner: Sridevi Movies. When we consider the Casting of this movie, the lead roles are played by Nani, Nivetha Thomas, Surbhi, while the supporting cast includes Srinivas Avasarala, Vinay Varma, Sreemukhi. Music is composed by the Music DirectorMani Sharma, while Mohan Krishna Indraganti has provided the screenplay.

Gentleman Trailer

Sridevi Movies had already released Gentleman Trailer on YouTube, which is well received by the Audience. The Trailer has reached more than 1.8M views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

Gentleman Cast & Crew

Movie Name:Gentleman
Release Date:2016-06-17
NaniJai and Gautham
Nivetha ThomasCatherine
Srinivas AvasaralaVamsi
Vinay VarmaDavid, Catherine’s Uncle
Tanikella BharaniMohan, Jai’s Uncle
Movie Director(s):Mohan Krishna Indraganti
Movie Producer(s):Sivalenka Krishna Prasad
Production Company:Sridevi Movies
Screenplay:Mohan Krishna Indraganti
Music Composer(s):Mani Sharma

Gentleman Full Movie Story

Aishwarya, daughter of wealthy Entrepreneur, and Catherine, a visual effects designer, both board the Flight to Hyderabad from different places. They share the details about there would be Life partners. Aishwarya’s Fiance Jai is an entrepreneur whereas Catherine boyfriend Gautham is the owner of Adventure Club. Aishwarya and Catherine reach the Airport where they meet Jai and Catherine gets shocked by seeing Jai who lookalike of Gautham also comes to know that Gautham was murdered ten days back. Later in the investigation done by Catherine and Nithya, they come to know that Jai killed Gautham. Also, Aishwarya gets doubt on Jai and both of them ask him about the real truth regarding Gautham. Jai reveals that he was Gautham whereas Jai was killed by David which was planned by Vamsi. Meanwhile, Vamsi was killed by Gautham. 

Gentleman Full Movie Review

Nani praised for his dual performance and accepting a different project. Nivetha Thomas also performed well taking the center stage and competed in acting with Nani. Nani’s role required a lot of serenity to keep the suspense till the end and not once does Nani goes out of frame. This clearly shows his capability as an actor. The second half of the film is a must watch where the real action starts.

Major Drawback of this film is its length where the length of showing the love stories can be edited and made it short. Music done by Mani Sharma was decent and even the dialogues are good. The direction part was quite good by keeping the suspense till the end without even giving a hint.

Gentleman Full Movie Download in Telugu

As per the Reports, Gentleman Full Movie Download is now telecasting on TV for the past few months. So there is no sense of downloading the movie from online. As of now, this movie is not available on Legal Streaming websites to watch Gentleman Full Movie Online. Hence, watch the movie on TV with the best quality picture and Sound effects.

Due to Piracy, the estimated revenue of a film lowers than the Fixed cost of production, then the films will not be made. If the same scenario continues, then the social-welfare benefit in the market disappears due to which Producers and Consumers lose. If you want to watch Gentleman Full Movie Online then you can check in the below mentioned Legal sites in which the Link will be uploaded soon.

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  • Netflix
  • iTunes
  • Google Play

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