Geetha Govindham Full Movie Download-2018 Telugu Movie


Geetha Govindham Full Movie Download

Geetha Govindham is a 2018 Telugu romantic comedy film directed by Parasuram and produced by Bunny Vasu. Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika Mandanna played the lead roles while Supporting roles are done by Subbaraju, Rahul Ramakrishna, Vennela Kishore, and Naga Babu. It was released on 15 August 2018 in India. Here you will find a legal way of downloading Geetha Govindham Full Movie Download.

Story of Geetha Govindham Movie

Vijay Meets Nithya

In the middle of the night on road Vijay ( Vijay Deverakonda ) meets Nithya ( Nithya Menen) Vijay is sitting alone very sad, Nithya sees him and come to him and asks him why he is sitting alone and why he is looking so sad. After she insists he starts telling her his story. Vijay works as a college professor where a girl named Neelu, his class student, had a huge crush on him. But Vijay rejects her and says to concentrate on studies. Vijay loves a girl whom he sees every day in the bus stop but unfortunately comes to know that she is already married which broke his heart.

Vijay Fall in Love With Geetha

One day Vijay visits a temple and get very impressed by the decoration of temple then the priest tells him that it is done by a girl name Geetha (Rashmika Mandanna) and finds that she is unmarried and instantly get attracted towards her. But before he can express his feelings to Geetha he comes to know that his sister’s wedding is fixed and he leaves for his village. While on the bus he finds that Geetha is his co-passenger. He tries to take a selfie with Geetha while she is sleeping but accidentally ended up kissing her on her cheeks.

Now Geetha become very angry and wanted to punish Vijay, he apologizes her several times but she is not in the stage to forgive him and ties his hands and call her brother Phaneendra (Subbaraju) but as he reached there Geetha tells him that Vijay escaped from the bus.

Vijay Struggles to Convince Geetha

Vijay thinks that he successfully escape from the situation but he is shocked to find that Phaneendra is the man to whom his sister is getting married. Here Geetha saves Vijay from her brother and Vijay thanked her but she says she saves him just because of his sister. Geetha’s father tells Geetha to take Vijay’s help in wedding shopping in Hyderabad. Vijay apologizes to her but she didn’t accept. While she starts to develop a feeling for Vijay she finds that Neelu sends Vijay her nudes. Geetha became very angry and tells Vijay that he will never change.

Wedding Invitation to Neelu

Once Geetha goes to her boss’ house to invite him for wedding and shocks to see Neelu there and tells Neelu’s mother that Vijay can trap Neelu then her mother says that she knows it already and tells her the whole story. Vijay also confronts Neelu and tells his feelings about Geetha without taking her name and feel apologetic to her for his behavior and says he will always feel guilty for his behavior. After seeing Vijay down to earth nature and simplicity Geetha falls in love with him. But did not express his feeling to him and Vijay thinks that Geetha is still angry with him and hates him.

The Heart Attack to Geetha Grandfather

Geetha’s Grandfather suffers a heart attack so her grandmother fears that their grandfather might not be alive to see Geetha getting married. So she suggests that Phaneendra and Geetha to get married on the same day. Hence Phareendra suggests Vijay’s name for Geetha and she also agrees happily. But Vijay rejects the proposal in the notion that Geetha doesn’t like or love him. She just agreed to marriage for the sake of her grandfather. Vijay’s rejection leaves Geetha heartbroken and sad.

Geetha Rejects Vijay’s Proposal

Now Geetha’s grandmother turns bitter towards Vijay after his rejection to Geetha. Vijay came to know that Phaneendra suggested his name for the wedding so Vijay tells him that he is the man who misbehaved with Geeth in the bus and Phaneendra tells him that he already knows it and tells him that Geetha also loves him and he is Geetha’s choice not only an option. Vijay is very excited and happy to know that and now wants to marry Geetha but she says that it’s too late now as the wedding is scheduled in the morning.

Geetha and Vijay Marries

Now the scene shifts to the present day where Vijay is narrating his story to Nithya. Nithya gives Vijay an idea to win Geetha’s love again. She tells him to go to the marriage venue and to fall down into his brother in law’s feet and tell him that he will not get up from his feet unless he marries of Geetha to him. Geetha is shocked to see Vijay’s boldness to win her and her family also agrees and they happily get married.


Cast & Crew
Vijay DevarakondaVijay Govind
Rashmika MandannaGeetha
Rahul RamakrishnaRamakrishna
Vennela KishoreKishore
NagaBabuVijay’s Father
AnnapoornaGeetha’s Grandmother
Giri BabuGeetha’s Grandfather
Nithya MenonNithya

Geetha Govindham Full Movie Download in Hindi

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Geetha Govindham Full Movie Online

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Geetha Govindham Movie Review
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Super Hit Movie

Geetha Govindham is a family entertainment romantic comedy film. Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika Mandanna did their performance well. Dilogies and comedy scenes are excellent.

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