Gangs of Madras Full Movie Download – 2019 Tamil Action Crime Movie

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Gangs of Madras Full Movie Download

Gangs of Madras is a 2019 Tamil language Action crime Movie Directed by C. V. KumarC. V. Kumar has produced Gangs of Madras under the banner: Fox Star Studios, CV Kumar Productions. When we consider the Casting of this movie, the lead roles are played by Priyanka Ruth, Ashok, and Daniel Balaji, while the supporting cast includes Aadukalam Naren, P. L. Thenappan, and Velu Prabhakaran. Music is composed by the Music Director Hari Dafusia, while C. V. Kumar has provided the screenplay.

Gangs of Madras Teaser

Fox Star Studios, CV Kumar Productions had already released Gangs of Madras Teaser on YouTube, which is well received by the audience. The Teaser has reached more than 491K views since the video is uploaded on YouTube.

Gangs of Madras Cast & Crew

Movie Name:Gangs of Madras
Release Date:2019-04-12
Priyanka RuthJaya, Rasiya
Daniel BalajiBoxy
Aadukalam NarenDeputy Commissioner Ramachandran
P. L. ThenappanMinister Tamizhvaanan
Velu PrabhakaranMohammad Rowther
Bagavathi PerumalJakir
Movie Director(s):C. V. Kumar
Movie Producer(s):C. V. Kumar
Production Company:Fox Star Studios, CV Kumar Productions
Screenplay:C. V. Kumar
Music Composer(s):Hari Dafusia

Gangs of Madras Full Movie Story

Jaya, a young woman, falls in love with Ibrahim her college mate and converts her cast also to get married to her lover as parents strongly oppose their relationship. Ibrahim and Raziya (name converted from Jaya) live happily and also Ibrahim gets a job as an accountant in Rowthar’s factory. Rowthar and his sons Hussain and Karim are ruthless drug dealers who trade Cocaine in Madras supported by Lala, state minister. Ibrahim in an urge to become rich involves in the smuggling and gets killed by Police encounter. Raziya learns that Rowthar is responsible for her husband’s death so decides to take revenge on him. She consults Rowthar’s rival Boxy and learns martial arts, defense and attacks Rowthar and his sons.

Gangs of Madras Full Movie Download in Tamil

Gangs of Madras Full Movie Download will be broadcasted on TV within a few months after its release. So, let’s have the patience to watch the movie on TV soon with the whole family.

We request the users to watch Gangs of Madras Full Movie in theatres only since it is a huge loss for the film industry by watching Illegal Websites. Many of them are fighting against Piracy so, let’s join them and eradicate the piracy. Please make sure that you download or watch movies from legal websites don’t do anything illegally.

Where to Watch Gangs of Madras Full Movie Online?

As of now, Gangs of Madras Full Movie Online is not available in any of the streaming sites. Since the permissions by Fox Star Studios are not allocated to any of those. Do not encourage Piracy by watching these movies on illegal sites and support the film industry in eradicating piracy. Once the permissions are allotted by Fox Star Studios then the link will be provided here.

Gangs of Madras may be available in Hotstar, Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, Youtube, etc. which are some of the Legal sites which have the license in providing the movies legally.

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Gangs of Madras Movie Review
  • Direction
  • Screenplay
  • Action
  • Music

Wonderful Movie

Gangs of Madras is a Wonderful action crime film. The screenplay and music are well. All the characters have done their performance well.

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