Jagapati Babu Latest Film Father Chitti Umaa Kaarthik Movie Review, Cast information,Release Date 

Father Chitti Umaa Kaarthik Movie

The points thought of as taboo in culture when presented and also said freely on display, it emerges that culture is authorizing some of the changes needed to establish the country. Papa Chitti Umaa Karthik movie has some lovely scenes as well as discussions along with amusing and also a drama that is most likely to be luring amongst the audiences. Here find the full details of Father Chitti Umaa Kaarthik Movie information.


‘FCUK’ Movie Particulars:

  • Director : Vidya Sagar Raju
  • Producer: K L Damodara Prasad
  • Starring: 
  • Jagapati Babu ( Father)
  • Ram Karthik (Karthik)
  • Ammu Abhirami( Umaa)
  • Music Director: Bheems Ceciroleo
  • Language: Telugu

‘ FCUK’ Movie Plot:

Father Chitti Umaa Karthik is a Telugu captivating dramatization movie that has some full-grown sectors. The tale starts with Bhupal, a central-aged person who trades condoms for nutrition. Being a widower, he takes responsibility for his only kid however incredibly, his kid is the reverse of his father.

Karthik (Kid) enjoyed a girl recognized as Umaa who is incredibly lovely and likewise appealing in addition to is presently involved. Also after capturing this, Karthik doesn’t classically prevent the possibility in addition to trying his finest but Bhupal in some way creates the cause behind disliking the Karthik by Umma. A cute small character shows up in the flick whom Bhupal brings home. Currently, the whole movie focuses on these 4 personalities along with simply how the baby impacts every person’s life.

To identify if Karthik wed Umma along with to whom that baby belongs, you males have to walk to theaters.

‘ FCUK’ Full Flick Download, Leaked by Filmyzilla:

Appears like it ends up being normal by the spurt websites to leak every singular flick before or swiftly after its release. FCUK movie also expanded as the patient of piracy rapidly after its discharge on display.

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Is it worth watching?

The movie talks carelessly regarding prophylactics, sex-related scenes, as well as virginity. After holding pieces of magnetic sectors as well as story plots, the movie does not have a much better implementation. The ordinary bestowal as well as a shortage of psychological touch make the movie not so overwhelming.


FCUK movie is a superb go if you are just burnt out as well as wish to have some satisfaction with your friends. Being an adult movie, the movie can not be seen with households around nevertheless you will not regret watching it with your precious buddies as well as buddies.

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