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Dhilluku Dhuddu Full Movie Download

Dhilluku Dhuddu is a 2016 comedy horror Movie in the Tamil language made under the direction of RambhalaN. Ramasamy has produced Dhilluku Dhuddu under the banner: Sri Thenandal Films. When we consider the Casting of this movie, the lead roles are played by Santhanam, Anchal Singh, and Karunas, while the supporting cast includes Anandaraj, Saurabh Shukla, and Rajendran. Music is composed by the Music Director S. Thaman, while Rambhala has provided the screenplay.

Dhilluku Dhuddu Trailer

Sri Thenandal Films had already released Dhilluku Dhuddu Trailer on YouTube, which is well received by the audience. The Trailer has reached more than 2.4M views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

Dhilluku Dhuddu Cast & Crew

Movie Name:Dhilluku Dhuddu
Release Date:2016-07-07
Anchal SinghKajal
AnandarajKumar’s father
Saurabh ShuklaKajal’s father
RajendranSketch Mani
Chavi SharmaKajol
Movie Director(s):Rambhala
Movie Producer(s):N. Ramasamy
Production Company:Sri Thenandal Films
Music Composer(s):S. Thaman

Dhilluku Dhuddu Full Movie Story

A greedy woman marries a king but couldn’t stay together so the woman departs to her old lover. She gives birth to a boy from an old lover which the king comes to know and trashes the boy to fire. Seeing this woman goes into grief and suicides in front of the house. Even the king also falls from the fort and kills himself. Neighbors reside beside that house were also killed by the ghost so a monk tries to catch the ghost and he falls unconscious.

Kajal hosts a party to reunite with friends and there she recollects about Kumar who gets dismissed because of her. Kumar’s uncle loses his truck for not clearing the finance, so they both get into the house of Kajal’s father who is also a financier and misbehaves. Kajal’s father, to take revenge on Kumar and Mohan, plans to send to the bungalow where the ghost exists. The rest of the story is about how Kumar escapes from the ghost.

Dhilluku Dhuddu Full Movie Review

Horror scenes in this movie were implemented very well and even the acting of Santhanam was good. But the main thing is the movie lacks the story. Music was a super hit and even the sound effects given for the horror scenes were perfect. Santhanam appears trim, handsome and skills also impressive but couldn’t come out from the comic behavior. Some of the vital moments in the movie show an un-hero-like by lacing them with funny liners. The ghost’s appearance was not up to the mark as they were not much scary. The movie turns into a juvenile romp with a haunted house.

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Dhilluku Dhuddu Full Movie Download in Tamil

Dhilluku Dhuddu Full Movie Download is now telecasting on TV for the past few months. So do not encourage piracy and watch it on TV or else in Legal sites.

Movie piracy is an illegal practice which is a new epidemic that affects the film industry financially at a global level. Piracy is illegal to sell, trade and distribute to the users. Internet piracy is the latest trend that has to be eradicated soon. Punishment for the Piracy creators is stringent and punitive in nature.

If you are interested in watching Dhilluku Dhuddu Full Movie Online then you will find the link in Sony Live from Location of Sony Live . Do not watch the movies on illegal websites as piracy is an offense that has to be prohibited.

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Dhilluku Dhuddu Movie Review
  • Direction
  • Screenplay
  • Music
  • Performance

Super Hit Horror Movie

The movie was good. But there is no story, but the movie was entertaining. The comedy scenes in the movie were superb. The background music was good in the movie.

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