Dhan Dhan Song Lyrics in English and Video Song – F2 Movie

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F2 is a 2019 Telugu Language Movie directed by Anil Ravipudi. Venkatesh, Varun Tej, tamannaah Bhatia, & Mehreen Pirzada have played the lead roles in this Movie. This Dhan Dhan song is one of the most popular songs from this movie F2. DSP has composed the music for this song, Kasarla Shyam has provided the Lyrics, and Hemachandra & Sravana Bhargavi is the lead Singer.

Song Details:

Song Title:Dhan Dhan
Movie Director :Anil Ravipudi
Music Director:DSP
Singer(s):Hemachandra & Sravana Bhargavi
Lyrics By:Kasarla Shyam


Dhan Dhan Video Song from the Movie F2

Dhan Dhan Video Song from the Movie F2 is well received by the Audience. The Video Song has reached more than 3,362,688 views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

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Dhan Dhan Song Lyrics in English

Make up esi tudichinattu
Whatsapp DP marchinattu
Etta nanne odilestavey harika…
Aapaka pothe engagementu
Full bottle pai petti ottu
Ille peeki vestam tentu choodika…

Made in India ni odileyoddhey
China piece ni nammi,
Kattina thalini teseyodhe
cheppaleda me mummy….

Harika pattavey opika (2)

First love ne maravodhey
Na mata vinavey olammi,
Second hand vi aypotavey
Jara agavey online rammi…

Oo honey champake premani (2)

Jarugutunte celebration, veyyalaney Venky aasan
How to control my Frustration…
Perugutunade ma tension,
Chudalemey inko function…
Dharna chestham,
Jam aypodhi junction junction…

Dhan dhan dhan dhan dhan dhana dhan
Aadinchestam metho temple run…
Yo yo yo yo yo yo
Makemo full fun
Ayyayyayyayyo mekey frustration…

Mogani kosam Yammuni saitham
Aanadu aapevarey…
Jungle ki ayna, Dangal ki ayna
Pellalu oche varey…

Harika jaldi raa ika

Go to hell ani baitiki tosina mogadivi nuvve ro
Come home ani kanneellu edithe malli etlostaro…
My dear pettakoyi flower

Laggalanni swargalloney munde rasincharey
Rubber thoti nuditi ratani getla cheripestarey

O Honey Champake pramani

Left leg tho peetalu thanni
Straight ga vellav kadaro
Chatu ga ochi na kaalley patti
Begging chestavero….

Thella thouluga inthati pogaru
Pillanu iyyara maku inkevaru….
Head weight tho O mastaro
Virra veegite Migiledi beeru baaru….

Dhan dhan dhan dhan dhan dhana dhan
Aadinchestam metho temple run…
Yo yo yo yo yo yo
Makemo full fun
Ayyayyayyayyo mekey frustration…

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