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Dev Box Office CollectionDev is an upcoming  Tamil movie which is going to hit on cinemas on 14th February 2019. The official teaser created a little buzz among the fans and expected to be loved by his fans. This teaser displays adventure, drama, love, and action. The movie is directed by Rajath Ravishankar and will feature  Karthi, Rakul Preet Singh, Prakash Raj, and Ramya Krishnan as a lead. The official teaser features his beautiful chemistry with Nidhi Agarwal. The fans are confident that this movie will hit the box office. In this post let see Dev Box Office Collection, Full Movie, MP3 Songs, movie review, and more.

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Dev Box Office Collection

Every movie specifically targets to get on the top of the box office collection, as it generates revenue for the team and movie. It is crucial for movies to generate a good amount of money and progress in making new movies. Dev Tamil Box Office Collection totally depends on the footfall, audience reviews, and many other factors.

Dev Box Office Collection Worldwide

By watching Dev trailer, we can say that the movie is quite entertaining filled with drama, romance, and action scene. The movie display a story of a common man and fans would love to watch the movie. Dev’s review will depend on the fans and on the box office collection.

Dev Box Office CollectionCollection (Cr)
Dev 1st Day Box Office Collection3.20
Dev 2nd Day Box Office Collection4.00
Dev 3rd Day Box Office Collection4.50
Dev 4th Day Box Office Collection5.00
5th Day Collection3.50
6th Day Collection3.20
7th Day Collection2.60
8th Day Collection2.20
9th Day Collection1.40
10th Day Collection0.90
Total Collection30.50

Dev Tamil Box Office Collection

DevCollection (Cr)
Dev 1st Day Collection2.50
Dev 2nd Day Collection3.20
Dev 3rd Day Collection3.60
Dev 4th Day Collection4.00
5th Day Collection2.80
6th Day Collection2.56
7th Day Collection2.08
8th Day Collection1.76
9th Day Collection1.12
10th Day Collection0.72
Total Collection24.34

Dev Telugu Box Office Collection

DevCollection (Cr)
Dev 1st Day Collection0.70
Dev 2nd Day Collection0.80
Dev 3rd Day Collection0.90
Dev 4th Day Collection1.00
5th Day Collection0.70
6th Day Collection0.64
7th Day Collection0.52
8th Day Collection0.44
9th Day Collection0.28
10th Day Collection0.18
Total Collection06.16

Dev Box Office Collection Prediction  

Dev has impressed many fans with its trailer and achieved 4million views. This movie contains drama, adventure, love, and action which will be loved by the audience. I think Karthi’s fans will love this movie due to his intense acting. The total budget of this movie is 55Cr and at the time of the release of the movie this movie will hit the box office collection.

The predicted value of Dev is around 70 Cr or more it totally relies on the audience. After all, the audience is the one who set the movie on the top of the box office collection.

DurationPositive TalkNegative Talk
Dev 1st Day Collection8 Cr5 Cr
Dev 2nd Day Collection10 Cr4 Cr
Dev 3rd Day Collection12 Cr3 Cr
Opening Weekend30 Cr10 Cr
Total Collection70 Cr30 – 40 Cr

Dev Movie Highlights

  • Dev’s Action
  • Good Dialogues
  • Good story and Music

Dev Hit Or Flop

Dev’s acting is quite impressive and his good performance in the movie has shown a glimpse of it. It will be so interesting to see the critic and public review of this movie. The story of this movie is so unique and entertaining that we are anticipating a positive response from the audience.

Factors that help for Dev Movie Success

There will be huge footfall in the cinema for this movie, as the movie is going to release prior to Republic day. Notwithstanding, this movie will attract more crowd due to the good life story of a common man and a great performance by Karthi.

There are many other factors that the movie depends on the like promotion of the movie, public reviews, and other reasons.

Dev Review

Dev is a movie about an adventure seeker young boy from a well-known family. On the other hand, we have business women who have no time for love. Dev is a 28 years old boy looking for adventure, but is he really an adventurer? No.

The movie has the same old story about a boy falling in love with a girl passionate in her life. Later his friends force Dev to try a new adventurer to make the women fall in love. The overall story of this movie is quite predictable, where we see nothing new in the movie. In the trailer, we did Saw some action, but in reality, there is very less action and more drama that you will witness in this movie.

Overall it looks like Prakash Raj and Ramya Krishnan potential was not completely used by the Director Rajath Ravishankar. The movie does lack in story and narration but has some great dialogues. Dev is surviving all because of Prakash Raj’s fan following. This movie is a one-time watch movie.

Dev Movie Story

Karthi’s Dev is a movie about an adventurer boy named Dev who aim to gain adventure throughout his life. Dev movie was directed by Prakash Raj’s and we see Prakash Raj and Ramya Krishnan in a  lead role. Later Dev falls in love with an ambitious businesswoman (Meghna) thinking it as a new adventure of his life. The movie is about how Dev manages to convince Meghna to fall in love with Dev and how Dev helps her from the trouble from a local gangster.


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