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Daruvu Full Movie Download

Daruvu is a 2012 Action Comedy Movie in the Telugu language made under the direction of Siruthai SivaBurugupalli Siva Rama Krishna has produced Daruvu under the banner: Sri Venkateswara Entertainments. When we consider the Casting of this movie, the lead roles are played by Ravi Teja, taapsee Pannu, Satyanarayana, while the supporting cast includes Prabhu, Bramhanandam, Jayasudha. Music is composed by the Music Director Vijay Antony, while Siva Aadi Narayana has provided the screenplay.

Daruvu Trailer

Sri Venkateswara Entertainments had already released Daruvu Trailer on YouTube, which is well received by the Audience. The Trailer has reached more than 52K views since the video is uploaded on YouTube.


Daruvu Cast & Crew

Movie Name:Daruvu
Release Date:2012-05-25
Ravi TejaBullet Raja & Home Minister Ravindra
Taapsee PannuSwetha
SatyanarayanaYama Sr
PrabhuYama Jr
BramhanandamVidya Balan
M. S. NarayanaChitragupta
Movie Director(s):Siruthai Siva
Movie Producer(s):Burugupalli Siva Rama Krishna
Production Company:Sri Venkateswara Entertainments
Screenplay:Siva Aadi Narayana
Music Composer(s):Vijay Antony

Daruvu Full Movie Story

Bullet Raja, a robber with a good heart, falls in love with Swetha at a function but she is already engaged to a local goon Harbour Babu. One day, Raja, Swetha, and dance master Vidya Balan tries to escape from Babu and reaches the hilltop. Babu finds out them at the hilltop and tries to kill Raja but he manages to survive. At the last moment, when Chitragupta changes his story to die, Raja falls down from the tree and reaches Yamaloka. There Raja finds out that he was Unjustly terminated asks Yama to send him back to earth.

Yama sends Raja’s soul to Ravindra’s body, a corrupt Home Minister who was killed after turning to a new leaf. Now, Raja implements many schemes and changes the corrupted officials, schools and sends parents living in Old Age Home back to their children. Thus Raja receives a lot of positive karma which saves his life from the bed of death.

Daruvu Full Movie Review

Raviteja continues his incredible energy levels and portrays the best performance in the role of Home Minister. He contains a lot of potentiality in acting. Brahmanandam performing as a Dance master succeeded in making us laugh. The climax scenes have good emotional scenes and they have been executed well. The same is the case with the Interval block. Some of the comedy scenes are enjoyable.

Cinematography is not too good and editing is jerky and care should have been taken here. The background score is bad and music is very poor as the songs are very loud and none of the songs make a good impression. He succeeds with the climax episode and the interval block but that is just about it and his direction is substandard in other areas.

Daruvu Full Movie Download in Telugu

Daruvu Full Movie Download is released on 25 May 2012, so, it would be Broadcasting on TV now, hence there is no point of downloading the movie from Online. Enjoy the movie on TV along with your family.

HDMediaHub strongly requests everyone not to download movies from Illegal Websites as its an offense and punishable under law. The Film Industry incurs losses of crores of rupees annually due to piracy. The problem of piracy has become so serious that even the leaders of Legal Website holders are wringing their hands at their inability to prevent piracy.

You can find here the link of where to watch Daruvu Full Movie Online in the Legal Streaming Websites. Daruvu Full Movie Online is available on Amazon Prime and Hotstar

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Daruvu Movie Review
  • Direction
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Average Hit

Raviteja action was naughty and massive his performance well, Ravi Teja’s one-man show, Brahmi’s Vidya Balan, cinematography are good. Music could have been better and this one is the same as previous Yama movies. The sentiment with Jayasudha is boring, and the director could have done with fast taking and he has done his job with more consciousness on Ravi Teja’s mass look. The hero is a naughty thief, loves the heroine killed by the villains and goes to Yama Lokam, and acknowledges that he was forcibly brought out there.

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