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Darling is a 2010 Telugu romantic comedy movie written and directed by  A. Karunakaran. The film stars Prabhas and Kajal Aggarwal in the lead roles while Prabhu Ganesan, Shraddha Das, and M.S. Narayana playing supporting roles. Below, In this article, you can find the details about Darling Full Movie Download.

Darling Full Movie Download

Darling Story

1st Harf Of Darling

Darling begins in the late ’90s when a group of friends celebrates their farewell party and promises to stay in touch with each other. Among these friends are Hanumantha Rao (Prabhu) who is a son of Prabha (Prabhas) and Vishwanath who has a daughter Nandini. Well, as Nandini grows up she and her father want to achieve their professional goals and they visit Switzerland. Here Hanumantha Rao becomes a criminal lawyer and settles in India.  Prabha and Nandini get separated in their childhood and years later the group of these friends call for a reunion. Now, Prabha is eagerly waiting to see his love Nandini (Kajal Agarwal) but Nisha (Shraddha Das) the daughter of a local don attempts suicide because Prabha refuses to accept her love.

Later, Nisha’s father (Mukesh Rishi) essay to kill Prabha and his friends but Prabha makes a fake story about his childhood love Nandini just to get out of the situation. At the time of reunion at Bhadra’s farmhouse, Prabha tries various ways to impress Nandini, as Prabha’s efforts are always stopped by Nandini’s brother. One day her brother accidentally gives a hint of Nandini’s favorite game Basketball forcing Prabha and his team to create a basketball court.  While playing basketball Appala Raju’s son Rishi enters without any invitation into the game as he is cheered by Nandini. afterward, Rishi and Prabha compete with each other to impress Nandini as it is cold water between them.

2nd & Interval Half of Darling movie

On the other hand, Prasanna Bhadram’s daughter confesses to Prabha that she is in love with a man who is asking for a dowry of 5 million. Later, she forces Prabha to talk to her father regards her marriage which she has chosen. Now, Prabha successfully convinces her father about the marriage with the help of his father and his friends. Here Nandini is impressed by Prabha due to his managing skills and she started showing affection to Prabha. Rishi is jealous by Nandini’s liking to Prabha and he disconnects the power cable of an iron box.  Hanumantha Rao is unaware of their disputes and accidentally touches the iron box and gets an electric shock, this leads to fighting between Prabha and Rishi. As a result, Hanumamtha Rao throws Prabha out of the house.

Darling Movie Climax

Subsequently, Prabha finds out that Rishi is not Appala Raju’s on but Vishwanath’s Nephew. Here Vishwanath mistrust his father by marrying his girlfriend rather than the girl chosen by his father. Later, they ask for a reconcile in which his father agrees but he puts one condition that his Son should marry Nandini. Prabha decides not to reveal his love for Nandini and tries to leave the place for the sake of his father’s reputation. Then, Nandini reveals that she is in love with Prabha for a long time but Prabha doesn’t reveal anything and now Nandini is heartbroken. Nisha’s father realizes the truth of the story Prabha said was s lie and he tries to kill him. Angry Nandini injures herself as she is angry with Prabha’s father. Later, everyone gets emotional and Prabha and Nandini get happily married.


Cast & Crew
Actor (s)Characters
Kajal AggarwalNandini
Shraddha DasNisha
PrabhuHanumanta Rao
Ahuti PrasadVishwanath
Chandra MohanBhadram
Mukesh RishiNisha’s father
Kota Srinivasa RaoVishwanath’s father
M. S. NarayanaAppala Raju

Darling Full Movie Download

Currently, Darling Telugu (2010) movie is not available on legal streaming websites. In fact, this movie is broadcasted on TV many times. Hence, it does not make any sense to go for illegal websites for Darling Full Movie Download. Darling Full Movie will be available soon on the legal streaming websites mentioned below.

Legal Streaming Websites

  • Netflix
  • HotStar
  • Amazon Prime Videos
  • YouTube Movies
  • JioCinema
  • Voot
  • Zee5
  • iTunes

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