Convert Your PPT Into PDF In Seconds With PDFBear For Free

Convert Your PPT Into PDF
Convert Your PPT Into PDF

Microsoft PowerPoint is the only computer program known to the world. From students and teachers to business owners or entrepreneurs, Microsoft PPT comes in handy for creating document presentations during conferences, orientations, or meetings. 

When it comes to the use of Microsoft Word, we all need help. While most people use Microsoft Word, not everyone understands how to maximize its capabilities. Even when you consider yourself a proficient Microsoft Word user, there’re more skills you may still need, but you don’t know what you need. Microsoft Word is packed with an abundance of features to be used in creating documents, text files, and reports. If you master some of the top Microsoft word tips and tricks, your work becomes stress-free, and you become more productive and efficient. For instance, knowing the keyboard shortcuts is one of the key Word Tips that can reduce your time spent on a project by half. Becoming a Word Whiz is important for your productivity because learning the important Word tips and tricks will be handy for you in your daily life. Imagine the feeling of becoming the resident Microsoft Word expert of your office? Isn’t it thrilling?

If you incorporate too many elements in your presentation, it might take time to view, share, or print the file. Converting it to a more accessible file format like the PDF could be the best way to avoid future issues. As many people become in need of it, PDFBear chose to offer you an excellent way of converting any file you have. 

With that, this is your chance to know more about this top-rated PDF software on the internet today. 

Guided conversion with a four-step process

PDFBear’s conversion tool is one of the best-loved tools on its website. It guides anyone on how to convert PPT to PDF easily online. More surprisingly, PDFBear also does support conversion from JPG, MS Word, MS Excel, and HTML to PDF and vice versa. If you would like to do a more engaging and convenient presentation, manage it with the best website. 

Moreover, PDFBear significantly exceeds other websites because of its straightforward conversion. When we say straightforward conversion, it will not even make you wait for more than a minute to get a fully converted file. PDFBear adopts quick and understandable steps and a few clicks. 

  • Step 1. Open their website through the browser and choose the PDFBear’s PDF Converter Tool. Upload only the PPT file that you want to change into a PDF file. Click on the “Select Files” tab or easily drag the file and drop it on their server.
  • Step 2. For a few moments, PDFBear will scan the entire file and start the conversion process.
  • Step 3. The easiest thing you will do during the process is to wait until the system finishes converting the file correctly. 
  • Step 4. After a few moments, the whole new formatted file will be ready for you to download. Please save the file on any device or share it to Google Drive.

Efficient and 100% Free 

Besides the fact that PDFBear features a fast and straightforward conversion, the site is also known for the best quality result. Quality is commonly the reason why people keep searching for a website that they deserve. Some websites will require you unnecessary payment and subscription and still compromise the quality of your file. 

PDFBear does not want to stress you out with some more fees, and so they make sure everyone can use their high-quality producing tools for free. On the other hand, PDFBear not only converts files but also splits, locks or unlock, merge, and compress with ease. 

Secured conversion

The PDFBear gears itself with superior technology that protects all your files’ security and confidentiality. The 256-BIT SSL Encryption enables full protection to uploaded and downloaded files on their server. Further, PDFBear regularly monitors its server and permanently deletes any saved and uploaded files from users. 

Multi-platform Accessibility and cross-browser compatibility

If you are a busy person, PDFBear is perfectly made for you. It does not matter where you are. You can easily access the website, whether you use Windows-based, Linux-based, and Android platforms. PDFBear is highly accessible to any of these operating systems available. Therefore, converting with PDFBear should not be an issue whether.

Moreover, with your computer, laptop, or smartphone, you can easily access the website through Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. 

Easy cloud conversion

The PDFBear is a cloud-based converter tool that allows efficient and convenient conversion through the cloud. PDFBear uses cloud technology for easy access to their website wherever you are at. To utilize this feature, you must have a stable internet connection and a functional device to convert anytime and anywhere.

With this, your device’s space storage will not be consumed during the conversion since everything happens in the cloud; all uploaded and downloaded files and documents will fall in the cloud storage. Cloud conversion makes it easy for anyone to have a helping hand whenever needed. 

It is no longer necessary to download and install multiple applications and software because this is all accessible online.


PDFBear and its PPT to PDF conversion tool is an outstanding tool you can ever find online. With thousands of PDF sites, PDFBear remains to be topnotch. Everything that you can expect to receive from the best website is in PDFBear. Managing multiple files and documents should be less complicated with a tool as reliable as PDFBear. 

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