Can Civil Discourse Salvage Societies?

Can Civil Discourse Salvage Societies
Can Civil Discourse Salvage Societies

Today, a reeling effect around the world is the loss of ability for societies to come together instead of falling apart. Today more than ever we are part of a social divide in several societies across the world, and the evidence to the fact is clear. Whether it’s the several cities that have been torn apart by protests and riots. Or the rising occurrences of the regime and government changes. Or even the increased likelihood of violent riots, or the possibility of war. Whatever the situation is, it’s clear that there is an existential problem in how societies and people go about achieving a common ground of co-existence.

With that being said, one tool that is paramount to the establishment of a prosperous society is civil discourse. Civil discourse is the coming together of several parties or people to reach a consensus on the rules and norms that govern their society. Civil discourse can occur on every level of society, whether it’s local, domestic, national, regional, or global. That’s how powerful civil discourse is and can be for the repairment of a broken society, or individuals that have to cease to co-exist amongst one another. That is how this social tool can be used to elevate and propel societies into a prosperous existence and living. You can also share your anonymous stories socially through The Doe site.

However, civil discourse isn’t easy. In fact, it’s hard to achieve, let alone rely on as a tool to turn the ship into the proper course. For starters, people must first decide on civil discourse as a method to repair social cracks and get them back to the proper footing. Often time that is not the case, however, as constituents of a community or society opts for more radical forms of change and conflict resolution. Methods such as violent protests, riots, war, and extremist debates all prove to be more attractive alternatives than that of civility and peaceful communication.

But that could not be further than the truth. civil discourse is and remains the best route to pursue when it comes to conflict resolution, or even establishing a paradigm on which society will be founded and built. It is up to the participants of that society to choose their fate for themselves. Do they want to be part of a harmonious, unified society that is established on the essence of co-existence? Or do they want to grab on to their ideals, their beliefs and opinions, and fight tooth and nail until they get what they want?

 Both options are options available for society to decide. However, both are polar opposites of each other. And although in the end, they may achieve similar or likewise results, the means are completely different. And the price paid varies completely as well. This is why it’s that much more important to pursue the route of civil means and build from there. At least then you have something to work with and build on, instead of destroying everything to the ground and starting from scratch. 

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