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Break Up Patch Up song is from 2015 Telugu Language Movie Kumari 21F . Kumari 21F movie is directed by Palnati Surya Pratap. Although there are many other important performances by other actors in this movie, Raj Tarun, Hebah Patel have played the main lead roles. Important Contributors behind this popular song include: Music Director Devi Sri Prasad , Lyricist Chandrabose, and the lead singer(s) M. M. Manasi

Song Details:

Movie Name:Kumari 21F
Song Title:Break Up Patch Up
Movie Director:Palnati Surya Pratap
Music Director:Devi Sri Prasad
Singer(s):M. M. Manasi
Lyrics By:Chandrabose

Break Up Patch Up Video Song from the Movie Kumari 21F

Break Up Patch Up Video Song from the Movie Kumari 21F is well received by the Audience. The Video Song has reached more than 357K views since the song is uploaded on YouTube.

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Break Up Patch Up Song Lyrics in English

Tanku takum tum
Tanku takum tum
Amberpeta center nundi
Ameerpetaku poyetappudu
Share auto lo Kalisaadu software-u kurradu
Tanku takum tum Tanku takum tum
Naa figure-u masthani pogidaadu
Fattuna love lo dimpaadu
Straight-u ga matter-u kochadu
Ghaatuga muddimannadu
Tanku takum tum Tanku takum tum

Siggutho nenu muddhithaante
Are re siggutho nenu muddhithaante
Cell phone lo sithrinchadu
Vadhu vadhu vadhu anna maate vineledhu
Yehe nenevariki choopisthane
Nenu choosukovataanike
Antoo idhari madhya
Secret scene-u
Internet lo yettesaadu
Inta bayata image motham
Drainage lone kalipesaadu

Anthe up up poo
Aipoyindhi break up poo
Abbi abbi neetho autha Patch up poo

Appudappudu aipoyindha break up poo
Ammi ammi raaye audham patch up poo

Facebook loni kalisaadu
US loni kurrodu
Celebrities thoni dhigina
Selfielenno pettadu
Tanku takum tum
Airforce lona
Pedha udhyogam ani cheppadu
Young tiger NTR la
Unnadani tempt ayyano
Tanku takum tum
Ye chatting lona love ayyindhi
Ye chatting lona love ayyindhi
Meeting ayye time ochindhi
US ante uyyuru pakkana
Sankarapallani thelisindhi
Airforce lo udhyogam ante
Gaali thirugudu ani yerukaindhi
Photolanni photoshop
Dappani prove ayyindhi
Mari chatting lona chesindantha
Cheating ye ani telisochindhi

Anthe up up poo
Aipoyindhi break up poo
Abbi abbi neetho autha patch up

Cheppina time ki raaledhani
Cheppula shop-u tipputhoti
Gurru gurru gurakettadani
Guruva reddy kodukuthoti
Break up .. break up
A head paina dandruff undhani
Head constablethoti
Bed meedha duppatti motham
Laagesaadani reddythoti
Break up .. break up
Naa kukkani chi chi anadani
Naa kukkani chi chi anadani
Lekkala master vikramthoti
Puvvula sokka yesaadani
Stove la repair shankarthoti
Age daachipettadani insurance agentthoti
Maati maatiki moode ye maarchi
Marriage bureau neeraj thoti
Itta silly silly reasonsthoti
Gully gully okkadithoti
Up up aipoyindhi break up
Abbi abbi neetho autha patch up..

Inthe inthe e kaalam lo
Break up
Itte itte aipothaaru patch up

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