Biggest and most movie mistake films of 2017- Hollywood, Bollywood


Biggest and most movie mistake films of 2017- Hollywood, Bollywood

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We all know that lot of movies are coming every week even every day. Everything can’t be perfect in this world. Like that even movies are made at the high budget and done carefully they too made some minute mistakes which get noticed. Even some movies come out with huge mistakes. In this post, we provide top movie mistakes done in the movies released on 2017. In this post, we give you the information about the films with most mistakes including Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood films.

Hollywood Movie mistakes of 2017

1 XXX3: return of Xander cage movie mistake

Mistake no 1: In one scene a villain was shooting Deepika with some sort of sharp two pins with his watch. But Deepika catches the two pins very easily. But that pins were coming too fast. When you deeply notice that move the pin was shot by a watch but a trigger must be needed to shoot anything but the villain just press his finger on the dial of the watch. It was really against the logic.

Mistake no 2: In an another scene, deepika Padukone puts a gun on Vin diesel stomach. But just in a second, a knife appears in the neck of Deepika. But where the hell does the knife come viewers will have no idea. When you notice carefully you can see Vin diesel took a knife from nowhere. It is a big mistake to be noticed.

  1. John wick: chapter 2 movie mistakes

This is a movie with the high quantity of mistake released during 2017. This movie majorly consists of more than 3 mistakes which no one should haven’t noticed during the film.

Mistake no 1: the first big mistake is the john hero of the film lives in new jersey. But he takes a walk on a bridge located at Manhatten which is located in a different country

Mistake no 2: there was some logic missing during the sun’s direction during an intro scene.

  1. logan movie mistakes

In this movie, we have noticed only one mistake which is during the actor Hugh jackman was seen without makeup with a sweaty face. During the next take itself, the actor was seen with makeup. In this logic was missing.

Bollywood movie mistakes of 2017

1 Raees movie mistake

Mistake no 1: in one scene Nawazzudin, siddique catches a bag of liquor bottles which resembles the brand of the royal stag. But everyone may think what’s the mistake in this thing. But there is the silly mistake which audience can’t guess that is the movie is taken on the basis of a life of a Don during 1980’s. But royal stag brand was introduced in 1985 only.

Mistake no 2: in an another scene, a tear gas was thrown by police into the crowd. Everyone seems affected by the gas. But Raees saw unaffected and walks casually. This is not possible if he was a human.

  1. Kaabil movie mistake

Mistake no 1: both Hrithik and Yami were visually impaired people. But they use smartphones which were out of logic.

  1. Jolly LLB 2 movie mistake

In jolly in a back of Akshay Kumar’s scooter, his mobile no was written. But it contains only 9 digits. But in India a mobile no should contain 10 digits.

  1. Badrinath ki Dulhania movie mistake

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