What Is the Best Slot for a Beginner?

Slot machines are perhaps the simplest and most accessible casino games for beginners. Unlike table games that may require some level of mastery, with chance and luck by your side, you can hit the jackpot pretty soon by playing slots.

Whether dealing with a physical slot machine or wanting to play online slots, there are hundreds of casinos and sites ready to meet your demands. If you are a beginner, perhaps we should walk you through tutorial 101 of slots.

How Do Casino Slots Work?

There are no rules or strategies for playing slots, so beginners and first-time casino visitors love to play them. Also, you don’t need any knowledge of casino etiquette. Slots are only random games in a machine computed using Random Number Generators and Return to Player algorithms to determine the potential outcome of every spin.

Since they are completely random, past rolls and spins do not determine the next result. Therefore, it is a complete game of chance. All you have to do is just choose the amount you want to bet and spin. You can either manually spin your machine or have it spin automatically, especially when playing online casino games.

A Quick Run Through the Essential Elements of Slot Games

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Although there are no rules for playing slot games, getting yourself acquitted with these basic elements below will better understand how the games work.

  1. Reels

Reels contain all the symbols and signs you need to formulate a winning pattern. It is the part of the slot you have to spin to set the algorithms in motion. It may appear vertically or horizontally on a slot machine, and you may end up finding more than one reel on a machine. Sometimes, a machine may have up to ten reels.

  1. Paylines

The combination of the symbols that you spin on the reels will eventually appear on a pay line. These combinations will determine whether you win or not. The number of pay lines that appear on a slot varies, as some slots may have up to fifty pay lines. Conversely, a slot’s number of pay lines determines the number of winning styles a player is entitled to. Whether you are willing to activate all the pay lines with a max bet then depends on you.

  1. Payout Table

Knowing what is up for grabs at the end of every successful spinning combination is always ideal. The payout table shows what you can win, and the jackpot sum if there is one. It also contains the list of symbol combinations that are needed for every win option. It is never advisable to pay for slot games without having studied the payout table first. Remember, slots are complete games of chance, and you need to understand your odds.

  1. The Return to Player Percentage

The better the return to player percentage of a game is, the better your chances of winning. As a beginner, the RTP is one of the first things you must check before placing a bet. The RTP of games and slots differ, and sometimes it is one of the yardsticks to determine which casino has the best slots.

The Best Slot for Beginners

Before you venture into the wild, perhaps you may want to try some online slot games first. Aside from the buzzing and fun that you may miss in an actual casino, the games you will find online are the same, if not better. Unlike the physical casinos, you may even find some free slot games to practice with while preparing for the big wins.

We recommend Casino21 as the online casino where you can get most of the exciting slot games. Their interface design is very easy to use and you have over 1500 different games to play. Also, the website offers instant reels to spin on their websites and applications you can download for free. You will find virtually everything you desire, from slots to tables and actual live casino games.

Casino21 is big on slots. They have hundreds of games ranging from three to five reels which you can enjoy. You can also pay for their free demo mode and enjoy the real deal when you make your money deposits. The deposits are free to make, and they reflect instantly. Also, you can withdraw up to 5000 EUR of your winnings at a time.

Final Thoughts

Always remember to play slots with only the money you can afford to lose. Remember that it is a total game of luck and chance. You cannot apply strategy to win at slots. Play safe!

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