The 6 Best Movies About Winning the Lottery

Best Movies About Winning the Lottery

There is always a charm in being or portraying yourself as a billionaire. Many stars have played the characters that somehow throws a rich look in a character. Much to the fact we have grown up watching Richie Rich multiple times, A Movie that shows the Elite lifestyle of a teenage millionaire Richie. He roams around in his helicopter, assisted by the butlers, chauffeur, manager, and a dog named dollar. It was nothing but a tactic to fantasize the amateur audience to look for such a lifestyle.

Still, unluckily there is no such formula defined in the movies that could give productive counseling to the targeted crowd about how to achieve such a goal within just an age. So considering such a movie to be a guiding lantern would be impractical. Although several more films have worked to encourage their audience to look into the larger picture of life and to put efforts to have a tag of a millionaire. But the timeline was not suitable enough to complement its core purpose as the lengthy process was not formally outlined. It contains a massive bombardment of Character’s establishment and their consequences, making a reciprocal plot of the movie. But some films that truly worked in giving potential counseling within such a short timeline are worth watching as it is pretty appealing and practical. Few of them are 

  • Shawshank Redemption 
  • Godfather 
  • Pursuit of Happiness 
  • The wolf of wall street 
  • Catch me if you can 
  • Forrest Gump etc 

The above mentioned are a few of the most potential Entrepreneur movies you should watch if you plan a startup. Still, a majority audience lacks inconsistency that is observed through a detailed analysis made by the organizations, which results in dropping off within the process or hit by massive destruction, leading them to sit on the couch and wait for more destruction rather than making a possible way out to stand firm against their struggle. For such an audience, it’s better to believe in luck and wait for a jackpot. Apart from making some Career counselling movies, Hollywood has even managed to compliment an individual’s fate, consistency, and smartness as a core element to achieve big in life. Some of the most highlighted projects that were based on the factors mentioned above are as below. 

Greed (1924)

Ever wondered if Lottery Tickets are the cause of enormous destruction? No? While you might not have come across this Crime Thriller Production Greed that showed up in cinemas back in 1924. The story mainly revolves around self-claimed “Dr. Painless” by John McTeague and his greed of having a Winning Lottery prize of $5000 that is won by his wife Trina Sieppe; Things started getting worse when the greed for such a prize instigated their mutual friend Schouler that compelled him to complain against John to the law for his unlicensed practice and drown him down to debts, Trina, on the other hand, did not want her money to be spent that making John furious and end up killing her. 

Lottery Ticket 

This movie reminds us of the consequences faced by Kevin Karson back in 2010 when winning a lottery ticket and claiming the prize money itself was the biggest challenge for him to pass a whole long weekend. If you are a fan of such themes, you might realize the importance of winning the lottery online. Although a story itself holds the element of fun, being surrounded by the crowd who wish to have their hands on winning lottery tickets makes the movie more exciting. 

It Could Happen to You 

Based on a life of a Cop, who met a waitress and started falling for her due to the similar situation they both are going through that being their partner’s incompatibility, More to the interest the leading man Charlie had a dinner where Yvonne serves as a waitress and could not pay her the tip and promises her to give half the price of the lottery he won. Soon the story unfolds into different situations and makes them united, leaving back their greedy spouses. 

Welcome to me 

The movie’s title was selected by the show that was played within the film by Alice Klieg, An owner of $86 million. The Jackpot she won in a California Stack Sweepstake. The story was mainly about Alice being self-obsessed with herself and losing her winning amount to make her show to the level of The Oprah Winfrey Show. 

If I had a Million.

An American anthology based on a lucky draw made by the wealthy Industrial tycoon distributes his wealth to random people in the phone directory before his demise. He got no perfect heir to his wealth that is capable enough to value his earnings.

29th Street 

The story revolves around Frank Jr . who is lucky enough to have a lottery ticket that has a high chance of winning but is conceded by his father, Frank Sr., who fails in having any luck in making money and holds a burden of debts making the FrankJr. Ticket on stake. 

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